Thursday, May 1, 2008

Big Day, It's A Big Day

This morn was A-girl's Kindy registration. She's excited, so am I. It's a big dealie! I got all the paperwork ready to go yesterday (amazing...I usually remember it as I'm pulling into the parking space). I'm extra happy too, cuz dad gets to go with us. He's taking the day off. Registration is at 9 a.m., so I have an hour after I drop L off to get A and baby girl ready. So I get A's hair up in a pony, feed the baby, devour a bowl of cereal myself, vaccum, straighten up the kitchen, change the kitty litter, throw a load of laundry in, wipe down the bathroom, change baby girl, put diapers and wipes in my purse, a Ziploc bag of banana puffs for baby girl, suck down a glass of OJ and my vitamin, grab a bottle, Windex the back door, throw two baby toys in my purse, put baby girl's coat on and put her in her car seat (Patty Cake...Patty Caaake), give hubby the paperwork (he's so responsible, and he has free hands), help a very excited A into her booster and off we go. We arrive at 8:58. Again, amazing. Never, never, never am I on time for anything important. But cool...we're here, kitchen sink and all.

As we're strolling in the school, it seems awfully quiet for Kindy registration. And I'm pretty surprised to see no lines or even anyone waiting, not even a table off to the side labeled, "Registration Sign-Up." So I go in the office and let them know I'm here for registration. The secretary hands me a huge packet of paperwork and asks if I'd like to fill it out there or take it home. I look at the packet and at hubby, daughter, baby girl and a stroller loaded with three days of supplies and then I look back at that huge packet...Eh, I think we'll take it home. So out the door we go, back in the car. Hubby glances at his's 9:04. Geez.

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