Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just A Little Update On My Thumper

I had another echo today and my follow-up with the Good Doc. All is well...I'm gonna liiiiiiive! Turns out the pains that I had for three weeks straight weren't palpitations after all. Good Doc felt like it was maybe muscle spasms and that nothing showed up that was connected to the heart. I'm not as stressed out as I thought I was. Whew! So good news, good news. And he's referring me to a heart specialist that's main focus is in adult congenital heart related stuff. Like since I had open-heart surgery as a child (I did, I did), a long, long time ago and we don't really know what exactly the good doc did back in 1978 to my ticker since my parents' lost my records (long story), these doctors specialize in people just like me (hypochondriacs w/muscle spasms? I meeeean...). They keep track of me and make sure a-nothings changing in there. Patches aren't falling off, one side doesn't get too big, lungs getting enough oxygen and such. I have to admit I was a little worried after having those pains that my heart could be wearing out or something. In my head I went straight to the..."What if I only have 6 months to live?" scenario. I tend to prepare for the worst. So that's good. They seem to have a much better idea now (thank yooooou technology) what they actually did to my thumper way back then. And everything looks good in regards to all that. Nothing is awry. So I'm happy. Just adding these muscle spasms to my long list of quirks. I'm so quirky. What in the world am I gonna be like when I'm 80? Still, I can't help but wonder...whhhhy was I having muscle spasms for three weeks straight? Lord help me and my hypochondriac mind.


Mrs. Romero said...

I am so glad to hear your heart is A okay. Lost medical records! Thank goodness for today's computer systems (my doc know come in with his laptop.). Well, go enjoy your new lease on life!

Carrie said...

You were a child in 1978, holy crap. I was two years out of high school regretting that I lost my virginity two years earlier. Dang you are a baby.

Did the doctor notice you had some words written on your forehead?

Just wondering.

My word scramble is ifhogo, isn't that funny.

If Ho Go, I Go, Too!

Sunshine Buzo said...

Thanks ladies!

I'm no baby anymore...I just bought my first wrinkle cream (be on the look out for a post about THAT ONE)...ha ha

And no, the doctor did not notice I had words written across my head. Geez, should I be worried? Can you say second opinion?

I thought that would be a funny pic for my profile...it says "Boardie Mom". Not really funny though if you can't read it and you have no idea what it means though--eh? I was trying to be mysterious...but I think I just look like I have writing on my forehead and that's just weird.