Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lettuce On The Side

So with all this drama Momma about the heart monitor stuff, I want to write about something funny. So cue A-girl. I can always count on my girls to crack me up. I must share the world!

So hubby and I were taking A to school last Wednesday and just out of the blue she says,"L's not a big girl, cuz she doesn't like lettuce."

I have to back track a bit here and share how this came to be. Our kiddos are always amazed at what hubby and I will eat. Our latest list of "EW's!" are: pickles, red onions, ketchup, tiny green or black specks (aka, oregano and pepper), mushrooms, chicken and rice (however they love chicken nuggets), black beans, shredded carrots (though they love carrots), "puffy" clementines (however non-puffy clementines are just fine) and lettuce.

We were surprised recently when we went out for cheeseburgers and A ordered "lettuce on the side." Seriously. Those were her exact words. Sure enough, she added it to her burger and ate it up. But it had to be "on the side." Makes a huge difference, I guess.

So back to driving A to school and her epiphany that her seven-year-old, big sis is "not a big girl, cuz she doesn't like lettuce." A is apparently (at the wee age of four), more mature/advanced/ sophisticated/well-rounded and bigger girl-ish than her big sis, cuz she likes "lettuce on the side." I love how their minds work.

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