Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Results May Vary

Need I say more?

Okay...I'll say more. This is for you up there, in the review mirror. You can't even hide anymore, can you? I see you there every flipping day. You know who you are, you two vertical lines that sit right between my eyebrows. Perched up there like you own the place. Yeah. You. Don't get confused--I'm on to you, not the other way around. Okay, well you are at the moment, but that's about to change within 2-3 weeks. Results may vary. I'll be watching.

(okay, was that a little much? let's just say i'm not handling some things well at the moment.)


Jennifer P. said...

I've got the comma around my mouth wrinkles. That's why I smile all the time. So you can't see 'em :)!

Let me know how this works because I'm so stinking tired of getting old that I am starting to understand why people stick poison in their face....

Mrs. Romero said...

Can't wait for the review!!! I am a nut and spend a ridiculous amount on Kinerase, but must say I love it.

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

I LOVE that stuff!!!!! So glad I found your blog this morning! It's just delightful!

Be sure to hop over to my blog and sign up for another drawing! I saw you've already been over to Farmhouse Blessings and to Lea's giveaway! Now you have another chance!!!!!


Cookie said...

thanks for popping in - what a fun blog you have going on here too and look at those beauties in the photo with you!
btw, Sissy and Buster are still available - just email anytime you like:

so great "meeting" ya!