Sunday, August 8, 2010

This Is Not A Dream (Part 5)

Are you still with me?  Hellooo?  Okay, we are nearing the end here, I swear.  Just have to share a couple more things (document).  So 'member when I said I did something I never (ever) did?  What did you think it was?  I am so curious.  You should totally tell me.  It might inspire me. 

Okay, so I ZIPLINED.  If you know me in real life, you know this is a BIG DEAL.  I just don't zipline.  I just don't RISK MY LIFE.  I just don't jump off cliffs.  It's *very* hard for me to let go and not be in control of thangs.  But I did it.  I still wouldn't skydive or bungee, but PLEASE be impressed that I ziplined.  Congratulate me.  Send me cards.  Chocolate cake.  It's a big deal.

Since we starting planning our trip a year ago, I KNEW I would zipline.  Dale and Erin had done it before and gave us the whole, You have to do this bit.  Which usually, I am really good at ignoring, because I want to live.  I have goals when I'm like 80.  Serious.  But for some reason, I was like--I am SO ziplining! I don't even know who I am anymore.  What the heck happens to you when you're approaching 40 that you just DO STUFF?  I should read a book.

So we ziplined.  NINE ziplines in one day.  You are so impressed.  The shortest zipline was around 400 ft. I know, I know...long, right? No?  I am so lucky to be alive. How many times have I been "lucky to be alive" on this trip? The last zipline was the longest, and was called, "King Kong."  I know, I know.  Wanna know how long that baby was?  1200 ft.  Crazy stuff.  It was tandem too, which means I got to race (and beat) The Hubbs.  There's still some controversy over that one, but if I can shorten the video, I can post it and prove it.  I *will* post it and prove it. 

You've got to see to believe.

The Hubbs.  This is what it's like.

This was actually a Zip N' Dip, which means we got to zipline and jump off of a waterfall and swim before lunch. I can't believe I jumped off a waterfall.  It looked MUCH bigger standing at the top of it. But I did it, pulling my bathing suit back on in the water, and everything.  Relaxing and floating in tubes with the gang, Erin reminded me to watch out for snakes (this was before I learned that there are no snakes in Kauai)--anacondas to be exact.  I'm like, What?! Cuz, I really, really HATE snakes.  I no liiiiike.  I didn't believe her about the anaconda part one bit, but wouldn't you know, as I go to get out of the little water hole we are swimming in, OF COURSE, there is a snake sunning itself right where we need to go to get out of the water.  Erin points it out and swiftly climbs over it.  I seriously work myself up and talk myself into walking over this snake.  You can do this.  Right about then, my favorite Zip N' Dip guide, Drew, comes over to save my life, offering to get it.  He picks it up and THROWS IT AT ME!  Of course I scream (37-year-old screaming in a waterhole!!) and realize it's FAKE.  *Frick*.  I hate people. Except, I don't hate Drew, cuz he's cute, even if he threw a fake snake at me.  

Anyhoo...So it was FUN and --> safe <--.  I would never have ziplined if I didn't feel safe. I wasn't scared at all, which is completely new.  You think you know yourself. It is an adventure every single day, if you let it be.  

p.s. I just texted with Dale telling him I was blogging, asking if they had anything to add.  Erin said, "The harness makes (things) look bigger."  So that's a "recommend," AND Dale loved the look on my face when Drew (my fave guide) freaked out just as I took off on one of the ziplines, as if to say I was about to die.  Again...just a big old faker that scared the livin' out of me! 


Jen said...

OK, I'm with you on the not-risking-your-life stuff, but ziplining looks like so much fun! I am totally doing that someday.

Rena said...

These blogs have been awesome to read, Sunshine. Thanks for sharing your trip with everyone!

Hillary said...

Wow! Oh Wow! I have some realllll catchin' up to do 'round here!