Saturday, August 7, 2010

This Is Not A Dream (Part 4)


I'll try to wrap up Kauai for all of you faithful readers (thank you, thank you, thank you...) within the next couple of days.  Trying to narrow down the highlights of a trip full to the brim of highlights has been challenging.  Plus, I have about 2000 pictures to choose from.  I need an assistant. 

Well, we're about six days in now and you know some stuff.  Aren't you blown away by all that you see here? All my stuff? This was our first trip to Hawaii so you can imagine that everything was extreeeey special.  Yes, I made that word up.  Dale, Erin, The Hubb's and I also decided that "funner" is a word now.  Go ahead, use it all day, every day. 

Since this was our first time in Hawaii, everything was exciting and The Best.  The Best Beach, The Best Taco, The Best Mai Tai, The Best Coconuts, The Best Rooster, The Best Near Drowning...I can see that getting annoying for ya. Before long I'll balance my Best Everything blog posts with the rest of my life.  I'm very yin yang that way.  Even though this trip was near perfection, I do have two things to complain about. You ready?

Remember when I mentioned spilling my first pina colada on the island?  'Member?  Well, it really stinks to spill a $10 pina colada--especially the first one.  Quite the disappointment, and for sure breaking some major island rule. It REALLY stinks when you spill the next two pina coladas in a row as well, on totally different days.  Apparently I have GIGANTIC hands. So it became a mission to find me a sippy cup,which the gang did and even though I tipped my sippy cup TOO, my pina colada never spilt again.   So, that was something that wasn't quite perfect, but what can I say?  I am here to entertain.

Okay, one more thing that wasn't perfect...The Hubbs worked pretty much the entire time we were on The Island.  Huge party foul of which he will never hear the end of.  Granted, the boy works hard, and he has stuff to do, AND it got us to Kauai, but come ON. He might have heard this about 1000 times--Dude, walk away from the laptop and stop SAVING THE WORLD.  We planned (which really isn't a word that is in our normal vocabulary) this vacay for a year and he just couldn't fully getaway.  If he had wi-fi, he was working. And if he wasn't able to work due to our activities, the boy was up until 2 a.m. working and up at 5 a.m. with a conference call.  So wrong.  So, so wrong.  I'm pretty sure he broke some major rules on The Island.  We all took turns alternating between razzing him and feeling very sorry for him.  Poor guy. 

Good Things.

Okay, that's all I got of the not perfect.  The rest of it was (minus the near drowning, but i think i'm working on blocking that part out).  We enjoyed a beautiful time at Poipu Beach.  The Hubbs surfed and Dale, Erin and I soaked up the sun (next to a Monk Seal) on the beach, snorkeled, and swam.  All good things. 

We were thrilled to attend a Luau.  Fabulous food (minus the poi) and entertainment.  There was something for everyone (smiiiiile). 


I have a couple more things to share, so please come back.  You'll see things I've never done before.  Ever.

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Rena said...

That's too funny about your husband working so much while he was there. I bet that was a huge confliction for him.