Sunday, May 31, 2009

There Was Sand Everywhere. Everywhere? Everywhere.

Well, it's been eventful around here, to say the least. I finally have stuff to say.

This time last weekend, we were at the Oregon Coast. Three days...away. I love how an hour and a half is enough to be "away". We are so lucky.

We stayed in Rockaway. No, it's not Seaside, or Cannon Beach...have you been there? Yes, they are fun and beautiful, but it's busy. Rockaway is quiet. Not so busy. There's room to stretch out, let the dog run, and search for seashells and little white rocks.

We always stay in Rockaway, in the same motel, right on the beach. It's been there forever. Long time. It's where the hubbs stayed with his family, when he was a kid. I love that part. Yes, it's been remodeled, probably more than once, but it's got character--and a kitchen, separate bedroom and balcony. And a pool--I'll get back to that. What more could you ask for?

The weather was good. Lots of sun. It's deceiving though. It was probably around 61 or so, but incredibly windy, which makes it like 10 degrees colder. So all my pics have all the makings for a summer vacation with all that sun in the background, but we are all covered up in fleece (yes, fleece), hoodies and windbreakers. And we were still cold. But that's how you roll on the Oregon Coast. It doesn't stop you. Even if it's raining, it's hard not to get out there.

We went antiquing in Wheeler. Well, I did...the hubbs took the dog for a long walk and the kiddos scooterin'. My parents called and met us there, on their way to the beach as well. My dad found a very old cast iron turtle for my sister, Star, because Elizabeth used to love turtles. How sweet is my dad?

My parents stayed at Manzanita Beach, so we met up with them there, played on the beach some more, and had the margarita's, clam chowder and s'mores. It's an absolutely beautiful beach. Someday, I will have a little beach house there. Just a little place in the sand. This is where we like to go and watch for whales. You almost always see them. My dad saw elk on the beach. Elk. Amazing.

We also made it to Cannon Beach for a little shopping. It was Memorial Weekend, so it was PACKED. Close to not enjoyable. Apparently I'm not a huge fan of crowds. I knew this. But I wanted a hat and a key chain (I'll let you wonder about that). The hubbs wanted a beer and the kids wanted salt water taffy, so everyone was happy. It was beautiful, so that made up for the crowds in a big way. I really just wanted to go right back to Rockaway though, but alas, reality called and we had to say goodbye. I do love how when I asked the girls what their favorite thing about the beach was, they both agreed--the pool.

Looking down over Manzanita...

This is an inside joke, probably only funny to us. Let's just say, that there was a marathon on.

I'm framing this...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WHAT?! Everyone's Doing It! Part Three

**You might want to read these posts first--WHAT?! Everyone's Doing It! Part One and WHAT?! Everyone's Doing It! Part Two. Or, you can just jump right in!

And now, onto Part 3. This is the last part, for now, as there is much more Twilight Scouting to be done on my end. So, I'll try to write about...something time. My life isn't always a wanna-be vampire movie. I love how whatever I tell you is what it is. Blogging is great. Ha. Just kidding, I'm perfectly normal.

Next, Shannon and I went to the beautiful, picturesque View Point Inn. I should've got married here. I should live here. What a view of the Columbia Gorge! This is the place in the movie where the prom was filmed--the gazebo scene, where Edward and Bella dance. It is also the part where Victoria is looking down from the upstairs window at Edward and Bella, plotting her next vampire move, to be sure.

The View Point Inn has a Twilight Walk of Fame. You can purchase (donate) a brick and put your name on it, right next to all the Twilight characters... Your brick can even say, "Edward and Sunshine, forever" if you want. If you want.

I'm sure this movie has been amazing for the View Point's business. While we were wandering the grounds, this (nice) fella came out of the inn and invited us to come on in and take the Twilight tour, showed us where the gazebo was in the movie, and exactly what window Victoria stood in. He invited us to have lunch there and check out the gift shop. He gave us a flyer to buy tickets to the Twilight Prom they are having. Anyone can go (taking notes).

Shannon and I took our own little tour of the place. We stood in "the" window, not at all looking like Victoria. So, not looking like Victoria. The curtains were the very same ones as in the movie (just a little fun fact). Aaaaaand I spent $6.00 on two pictures of Edward and Bella at the gift shop. Oh course, I did.

Did I mention all the other people there doing exactly what we were doing? Oh yeah, no lie. This is a for sure a pastime. When we were walking back to the car, there was a "Portland Movie Tours" van parked outside. The driver came over and gave me her card. I had no idea there was such a thing. I am so sheltered. I, have learned so much.

Exciting times were had. Oh yes they were. Shannon and I so didn't want to go home. And we (which means, you) got to see the beautifulness that is Oregon. We wanted to stop at Multnomah Falls, but ran out of time (back to the real world)--you can see the falls in the background of the baseball scene at the meadow. There was also a huge scene filmed at the falls, that was actually deleted, of Edward descending from the falls down onto the bridge. We are so getting a picture on that bridge.

I'll be back with more Twilight Scouting adventures...though not tomorrow. I promised I'd talk about something other than my gorgeous vampire boyfriend. Geez, what else is there?

"The" Victoria window...

Where the gazebo was...The inn got to keep the sign...

Absolutely gorgeous...

The curtains...
So not Victoria...
The room (window) that Victoria is peering down from...

My gorgeous boyfriend...


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WHAT?! Everyone's Doing It! Part Two

Before I begin, a reminder: No rolling of the eyes during the following read! Got it? Uh-uh...nope, don't even...there will be none of that.

Did you notice this had a little "Part Two" hooked onto it? You might want to read this first--WHAT?! Everyone's Doing It! Part One --I would just hate for you to be confused, or missing out, plus I'm all about the order of things and if you read this one before the first one, it would totally bug me. Go ahead...I'll wait.

Okay, so off to our next stop on our Twilight Scouting adventure--The Carver Cafe. This is the little joint Bella and Charlie would go to and catch up all father and daughter style. There's also a scene where Bella's friends showed up and were fooling around in the window, in typical teenage fashion. The Carver Cafe was literally a minute from The Stone Cliff Inn. Just over the bridge. You'd like it. It's small, cozy, good eats and they put up with the likes of us. Again, they embraced the whole Twilight vibe. The staff (all four of them) wore the Twilight t-shirts and they had a memorabilia wall. One of the co-owners was an extra in the movie. Had a nice little chat with her about all of it and how cool it was to meet Kristen Stewart (Bella). Jealous.

When we walked in, it was the lunch rush and there was literally one lone table left, just for Shannon and I. The Bella and Charlie table, otherwise known as, "The" table, was already taken, but our mission was not to be denied. We took our seats and kept our eyes on "The" table...waiting for our chance. We got it and very obviously moved, even before they could wipe the table down, cuz that's how we roll. We had our chicken strips and BLT at "The" table. We are ridiculous. Again, we are the entertainment.

"Buddy" (owner?/waiter/cook/nice guy) brought over the Twilight book to sign, and offered to take our pics at the table. They've done this before. The book was FULL. It took us a while to find a spot to sign. We were for sure not the only ones that do this sort of thing. There were people from Missouri that had signed it. See, it could be worse. We left our signatures (and a special thank you to "Buddy")--proof that we had been there and done that.

"Buddy" told us that they've had limos (plural) pull up, full of women who would rush in, take pics and get t-shirts. Hilarious. At least we had food. Ha. Totally funny. I'm like, "Limo rides?" (taking notes).

The next thing we knew, this lady came over to say hello. She had been sitting at one of the other tables. She introduced herself as a Twilight fan (no doubt bummed she wasn't sitting at "The" table, though we did offer for her and her fella to sit with us). She really WAS a fan. She had buttons on. And I kid you not--she was sparkly. Glittery. Diamond-ey. Very much like a vampire. AND...and, she whipped out a photo album of her very own Twilight Scouting. She whipped it out of her Edward and Bella button-donned bag, lickety split (again, I was taking notes). We were so inspired and a little less embarrassed, cuz you know...we didn't even have one Edward button. It could be worse.

Then all of a sudden, ALL these people came over to us. A couple of them were our age, there was a teenager or two, but the majority of them could've totally been my mom (who has yet to read the books, but I'm working on her). It was interesting seeing the age range. They had been sitting there, around us the entire time--looking like normal folk. They were ALL doing what Shannon and I were doing. They were Twilight fans, touring, whipping out their cameras, waiting in line to have their pics taken at "The" table, and sign the book. We all had a good laugh at each other, cuz it was quite the commotion. I'm sure the peeps at the cafe see this all the time, cuz they just basically worked around us. We passed around the book, the photo album and talked about our "next" destination.

I know you're embarrassed for us. It would make sense, but let me tell was fun. I'm actually proud of us for the creativity. For not wasting time (and such a beautiful day) at Target, or cleaning bathrooms at home. This is better. Shannon and I left there, just laughing at ourselves. I mean, who does this? Well, if The Carver Cafe is any indication--there's more than a few of us out there.

Now, how do I make my skin look all diamond-ey? I could be kidding, but I'm probably not.

Next stop...The View Point Inn, where the prom was held. Stop in tomorrow. It's not over.

The co-owner (Angela?), who was an extra in the movie. She was really nice. I swear.

"The" table...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WHAT?! Everyone's Doing It! Part One

It's time for me to get back over here. I need to write. I need to share. I need to laugh. Writing and laughter have always been my best medicine/therapy. For sure. So I'm back, here to share every little bit--continuing to prove that there is no mystery to me--you know everything. Well, almost everything.

Okay, so you won't even believe what I did! You're gonna wanna. Ha. Quite the little adventure, it was.


I went Twilight Scouting!!! (exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point) That's read me--Twilight Scouting. It's a thing. You can Google it and everything. It's basically touring the sights where Twilight, the movie, was filmed. If you haven't been into the whole wonder of Twilight, then you might want to skip this blog post, and the next two as well...or stay and be educated.

Now those of you that *are* into the whole wonder that is Twilight, prepare yourself, cuz this is pretty awesome. I knew that the movie was filmed up here, in Oregon and Washington. I *did not* realize that a lot of parts were filmed within minutes of my house! Two huge scenes were filmed within 4 minutes of my driveway! MapQuest said so. I can't even believe that just about a year ago (April 2008), they were filming right there. Edward was right there. Are you kidding me?! My boyfriend? Four minutes away?? I could cry.

Recently, my friend, Shannon got into Twilight. Yes, I peer pressured her. Then she devoured the books. She was totally calling me, freaking out, mid-read, asking me what's going to happen next! She can't take it! Just tell me they end up together! Ha. Like a lot of us, she wasn't really into the whole vampire thing, and lookie here, she is now in love with a vampire. Aren't we all? So when the suggestion came up to go scouting, she was all in. I love that girl for jumping right in with me and not giving the standard, "Okaaaaay..." and rolling of the eyes. Thanks, girl!

We lucked was a beautiful day in Oregon! 81 degrees! Sun and blue sky! Though if it were drizzling, foggy and chilly (all Twilight-esque), it would have also still worked in a big way. But it was nice to roll the windows down and wear the flip flops! And blare the Twilight soundtrack...a rule when you go Twilight Scouting. Muse had better be playing.

We began at the Stone Cliff Inn--mere minutes away--we hadn't even finished "Supermassive Black Hole," and we were parking. We were the only people there, which was good, cuz we were sooooo embarrassed. And giggly. But we were doing this. Here, the scene was filmed just before Edward took Bella to the meadow for the first time. When he comes out into the sunlight--all sparkly and beautiful.

One thing we really noticed from all the Twilight places we went, was that the businesses really embraced their part in it all. At the Stone Cliff Inn, they had all these signs and directions showing us where to go and what was happening...exactly which tree, which moss covered rock. They even took snippets from the book. So very helpful. Though, they really should have labeled the huge tree limb Edward broke off (all mighty and vampire-ey) and tossed. We tried to find it. Yes, we really looked. No lie.

Funny little story here. Pretty soon after we got there, a car pulled up with some fellas. They had all their gear to go rock climbing. They saw us being all giggly and taking pictures and had questions. They were intrigued. We tried to explain ourselves as best as we could. It probably wasn't looking good...two 36-yr-old moms out there with our big purses and flip flops, getting all giddy over hiking trails and big rocks. I think I'd have to ask too. One guy was embarrassed for us (yet couldn't look away) and another was totally entertained. He had to know more. It was totally "20 Questions". He could've stayed with us all day. I bet he even bought the books on his way home. That was fun. And embarrassing. But we were not to be stopped and continued on our adventure.

Next stop--The Carver Cafe. Which I will share tomorrow, cuz this is long and I still have pics to add. You have things to do. But there's more, so please come back.

**The tree limb Bella was sitting on...

**My co-conspirator, Shannon...

P.S. This blog post is dedicated to my sister, Rachael. I blame her (love her) for *making* me fall for a vampire...and then drive all over the great states of Oregon and Washington, looking for stuff.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

I'm working my way back over here, y'all, I swear. I've found myself blogging in the shower lately, so I know I'll be back here soon. I just wanted to stop by and wish all you Momma's--

Happy Mother's Day!

Now go enjoy it.