Sunday, May 31, 2009

There Was Sand Everywhere. Everywhere? Everywhere.

Well, it's been eventful around here, to say the least. I finally have stuff to say.

This time last weekend, we were at the Oregon Coast. Three days...away. I love how an hour and a half is enough to be "away". We are so lucky.

We stayed in Rockaway. No, it's not Seaside, or Cannon Beach...have you been there? Yes, they are fun and beautiful, but it's busy. Rockaway is quiet. Not so busy. There's room to stretch out, let the dog run, and search for seashells and little white rocks.

We always stay in Rockaway, in the same motel, right on the beach. It's been there forever. Long time. It's where the hubbs stayed with his family, when he was a kid. I love that part. Yes, it's been remodeled, probably more than once, but it's got character--and a kitchen, separate bedroom and balcony. And a pool--I'll get back to that. What more could you ask for?

The weather was good. Lots of sun. It's deceiving though. It was probably around 61 or so, but incredibly windy, which makes it like 10 degrees colder. So all my pics have all the makings for a summer vacation with all that sun in the background, but we are all covered up in fleece (yes, fleece), hoodies and windbreakers. And we were still cold. But that's how you roll on the Oregon Coast. It doesn't stop you. Even if it's raining, it's hard not to get out there.

We went antiquing in Wheeler. Well, I did...the hubbs took the dog for a long walk and the kiddos scooterin'. My parents called and met us there, on their way to the beach as well. My dad found a very old cast iron turtle for my sister, Star, because Elizabeth used to love turtles. How sweet is my dad?

My parents stayed at Manzanita Beach, so we met up with them there, played on the beach some more, and had the margarita's, clam chowder and s'mores. It's an absolutely beautiful beach. Someday, I will have a little beach house there. Just a little place in the sand. This is where we like to go and watch for whales. You almost always see them. My dad saw elk on the beach. Elk. Amazing.

We also made it to Cannon Beach for a little shopping. It was Memorial Weekend, so it was PACKED. Close to not enjoyable. Apparently I'm not a huge fan of crowds. I knew this. But I wanted a hat and a key chain (I'll let you wonder about that). The hubbs wanted a beer and the kids wanted salt water taffy, so everyone was happy. It was beautiful, so that made up for the crowds in a big way. I really just wanted to go right back to Rockaway though, but alas, reality called and we had to say goodbye. I do love how when I asked the girls what their favorite thing about the beach was, they both agreed--the pool.

Looking down over Manzanita...

This is an inside joke, probably only funny to us. Let's just say, that there was a marathon on.

I'm framing this...


Dee from Downunder said...

looks beautiful! I am glad you had a lovely time away

Rena said...

Great pictures! Looks like fun!