Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WHAT?! Everyone's Doing It! Part One

It's time for me to get back over here. I need to write. I need to share. I need to laugh. Writing and laughter have always been my best medicine/therapy. For sure. So I'm back, here to share every little bit--continuing to prove that there is no mystery to me--you know everything. Well, almost everything.

Okay, so you won't even believe what I did! You're gonna wanna. Ha. Quite the little adventure, it was.


I went Twilight Scouting!!! (exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point) That's read me--Twilight Scouting. It's a thing. You can Google it and everything. It's basically touring the sights where Twilight, the movie, was filmed. If you haven't been into the whole wonder of Twilight, then you might want to skip this blog post, and the next two as well...or stay and be educated.

Now those of you that *are* into the whole wonder that is Twilight, prepare yourself, cuz this is pretty awesome. I knew that the movie was filmed up here, in Oregon and Washington. I *did not* realize that a lot of parts were filmed within minutes of my house! Two huge scenes were filmed within 4 minutes of my driveway! MapQuest said so. I can't even believe that just about a year ago (April 2008), they were filming right there. Edward was right there. Are you kidding me?! My boyfriend? Four minutes away?? I could cry.

Recently, my friend, Shannon got into Twilight. Yes, I peer pressured her. Then she devoured the books. She was totally calling me, freaking out, mid-read, asking me what's going to happen next! She can't take it! Just tell me they end up together! Ha. Like a lot of us, she wasn't really into the whole vampire thing, and lookie here, she is now in love with a vampire. Aren't we all? So when the suggestion came up to go scouting, she was all in. I love that girl for jumping right in with me and not giving the standard, "Okaaaaay..." and rolling of the eyes. Thanks, girl!

We lucked was a beautiful day in Oregon! 81 degrees! Sun and blue sky! Though if it were drizzling, foggy and chilly (all Twilight-esque), it would have also still worked in a big way. But it was nice to roll the windows down and wear the flip flops! And blare the Twilight soundtrack...a rule when you go Twilight Scouting. Muse had better be playing.

We began at the Stone Cliff Inn--mere minutes away--we hadn't even finished "Supermassive Black Hole," and we were parking. We were the only people there, which was good, cuz we were sooooo embarrassed. And giggly. But we were doing this. Here, the scene was filmed just before Edward took Bella to the meadow for the first time. When he comes out into the sunlight--all sparkly and beautiful.

One thing we really noticed from all the Twilight places we went, was that the businesses really embraced their part in it all. At the Stone Cliff Inn, they had all these signs and directions showing us where to go and what was happening...exactly which tree, which moss covered rock. They even took snippets from the book. So very helpful. Though, they really should have labeled the huge tree limb Edward broke off (all mighty and vampire-ey) and tossed. We tried to find it. Yes, we really looked. No lie.

Funny little story here. Pretty soon after we got there, a car pulled up with some fellas. They had all their gear to go rock climbing. They saw us being all giggly and taking pictures and had questions. They were intrigued. We tried to explain ourselves as best as we could. It probably wasn't looking good...two 36-yr-old moms out there with our big purses and flip flops, getting all giddy over hiking trails and big rocks. I think I'd have to ask too. One guy was embarrassed for us (yet couldn't look away) and another was totally entertained. He had to know more. It was totally "20 Questions". He could've stayed with us all day. I bet he even bought the books on his way home. That was fun. And embarrassing. But we were not to be stopped and continued on our adventure.

Next stop--The Carver Cafe. Which I will share tomorrow, cuz this is long and I still have pics to add. You have things to do. But there's more, so please come back.

**The tree limb Bella was sitting on...

**My co-conspirator, Shannon...

P.S. This blog post is dedicated to my sister, Rachael. I blame her (love her) for *making* me fall for a vampire...and then drive all over the great states of Oregon and Washington, looking for stuff.


Dee from Downunder said...

I will have to see the movie now, just to check out where you live, I wonder if anyone tries to remove those signs, just to get a better photo?
ps gave you an award on my blog

Sunshine said...

Dee! YES! I hope it's incentive for you to make a trip across the ocean! :)

And I'm excited to see the award! Though, I SURE I don't deserve it, the bad blogger I've been! I'm working on it though! (Smooch!)

Rena said...

Sounds like fun! My daughter Nichelle loved all the books but the last one -- she hated that one. Glad to hear you had fun.