Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Picture Daze

**This post is dedicated to my friend, Jen.  She shared her picture day stories with me and made me laugh.  So much. 

I know it's been a while.  You missed me.  I'm sorry.  It's just that I have been soooooo busy since school started for Them Kids.  I'm on the PTO board now at their school, so I have stuff to do.  I'm such a hot shot right now.  My name tag says Vice President. Even though almost everyone on the board under the PTO President is a VP, I pretend I am The Vice President.  I have a wave. I swagger.

Today was Picture Day at the school.  It was one of my many (long exasperated sigh) jobs as VP.  It was really hard (not even a little).  We were in charge of bringing the classes to and fro and checking for misguided hairs, crooked collars and boogers.  We had combs and everything. 

I had to laugh at some of Them Kids though. If I had a boy (instead of Them Two Girls) my boy would have had a Fohawk today.  Oh yeah.  No question.

(My boyfriend w/his fohawk.)

There were a couple boys with the suits and ties too.  Two boys.  Very reminiscent of those eighties movies we all know and love, with the suit all collar-ed up, finishing it off with the Converse. One of them pulled out chapstick.  It was impressive.

And the girls were girls.  I saw handheld mirrors and lip gloss.  Sparkly headbands. Glitter. Purple hair dye.  Lots of practice smiles.  It just took me back.  Well sort of.

Okay, so I'm just gonna throw it out there right now--I have a lazy eye.  Oh yeah.  Sexy.  It was even better when I was little--when it was all new and stuff.  My parents and eye doctor tried to correct it.  They did their best. I had to wear the eye patch, and back then, they didn't have all blinged out cool ones.  No Bedazzle, no pirates, no princesses, no Zac Efron or Hannah Montana, not even a plain ol' black one.  I got the band-aid patch.  Oh yeah.  I looked good.  And to top it off, I lived in Phoenix.  It was hot--I got sweaty and band-aid's don't look so great, sweaty.  On your eye. I had to wear it every ding dong day.  I hated that sucker.  Hated it hard.  So I would take it off as soon as I got to school--which totally explains my sexy lazy eye today.

Anyway, on picture day, I was so scared I was going to get caught not wearing my eye patch that I actually put it on for my picture.  Yeah.  No one helped a sister out.  No one suggested I take that sucker off. So enjoy--this is for you.

(I am in the front row, third from the right in that smashing green and yellow vest w/the socks and sandals and high waters--pretty).

I had some cute ones pre-eye patch and post-eye patch...

(Pretty sure I did my own hair for this one.)

                                      (What exactly am I looking at?)

Then I got into Junior High.  Try as I might, I could not find one school pic from then and I'll tell you why.  Every single...and I mean EVERY SINGLE picture day I had the cold sore.  Or six.  I mean, who needs an eye patch?! I really wanted to find you a cold sore pic, cuz I know you aren't believing, but it's true. What I did find you was one fine, fine Kristy McNicohol impersonation. And that's where the pics are going to end. 

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Jen said...

My tummy hurts from laughing so hard--not *at* your pictures, but over your descriptions of them. Too funny! Thanks for putting it all out there and sharing. I can go to bed happy now that you've blogged. :)