Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why So Random?

After I hopped back on the blogging wagon yesterday, it occurred to me how very much I have not told you lately.  Like all summer I did stuff and didn't share.  How rude of me.  I had a very eventful vacay to Minnesota and didn't even show you one picture of cows.  I have so many.  Then I went to Vegas and let me say, THAT was really good.  So much to say there, but there's so much I can't say, cuz you's Vegas.  There were pictures too, but you know...Vegas.  I have a reputation to maintain, you know.

So instead, I will share some other thangs.  I seriously might throw a cow carousel in here though, cuz you just don't see that every day. 

My kiddos started school a couple weeks ago and it's a brand new world!  I now have all the people that belong to me in school full-time.  They are happy.  I am happy. And if the hubbs were here, he'd be happy too. I miss them and actually look forward to That Kid Noise when they come busting through the door.  I'm ready for it. 

Cow Carousel.

There have been a few firsts for Them Kids.  They are now riding the bus.  I don't know why when I tell ALL my family this they are like SO PROUD OF ME that I would let my kids do such a thing.  They clap. They think I'm quite the Nervous Nelly when it comes to my kids.  I beg to differ.  When my oldest was brand new and sucking the very life out of me, making me feel like I KNEW NOTHING--yeah, I was nervous, anxious and bald, from pulling my hair out.  But it's been a few years--I think I'm getting better at this. 

So they are riding the bus.  The dog needs to be walked every morning at precisely 8:05 anyway, so I just happen to be with them at the bus stop.  I may be the ONLY mom "walking her dog" at this precise time and location in the morning.  Maybe.  My dog is officially the neighborhood dog and it would disappoint a lot of kids (except mine) if I didn't show up with "everyone's dog" at the bus stop at precisely 8:05.  And then again when the bus brings Them Kids home after school too.  It's only coincidence.

Want to know how many kids are at Them Kids O' Mine bus stop?  You ready?  Like 45.  I stopped counting right about then.  This is ONE bus stop, and only elementary kids.  Have you ever heard of such a thang?  I'm new to the bus stop stuff, but I think this is a-very lot of kiddos. 

Bus stop.
On a completely other note (with no transition from the last paragraph at all--I would so be in trouble for this in college)--one more thang.  You need to see some baseball pictures, right?  I know you're saying, "How did she KNOW this?"  Psychic. 

We ended our summer with a-very lot of Portland Beaver baseball.  We ate a lot of baseball food. No more hotdogs.  Don't even ask. But we did good supporting the team.  We made a sign, bought the window cling, bought a baseball hat with a pink "P" on it (for Portland, y'all), and did the wave with the rest o' the stadium.  We are your cheerleaders.  So there's that.

The sign.

I could watch the pitchers all the live long day!

Stretching is sooooo important!

Me and my seester (a.k.a. Biggest Portland Beaver fan EVER!).

This picture was the whole inspiration for the blog post today (don't ask). This is what my kids are doing when they are not telling each other to stop breathing in their space.

You've just learned some stuff (that you can immediately forget).  There's more stuff, but you know, I have to save something for later.  I am (so not) a mystery.  Where has the "Spell Check" gone on this blogger? Seriously, someone help a sistah out.  Cuz  *that* really is a mystery.


Rachael said...

you're funny:)

Dee from Downunder said...

umm... the barbies and Kens... ummm... LOL

Love the cow carousel too - efficient!

Hillary said...

I've been gone from blogland so long that I can't begin to comment on it all.

But two things I will say:
1) I love you.
2) I love your blog.