Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two For Flinching

I'm back.  I don't know how long, but I'm back for now.  It's been harder to get over here lately.  Life. 

I'm blogging at night, which is really strange, as I tend to do this in the morning, when I'm all fresh and rearing to go.  Honestly, the girls are at dance right now, my house is clean and stuff is ready for tomorrow--I just really want to go stretch out on the couch and watch Employee of the Month (a funny flick despite the fact that Jessica Simpson is in it--gag).  We hit on that the other night and almost got hooked on it, had we not already decided to watch another of Dane Cook's movies--Good Luck Chuck. I love that Dane Cook to pieces, but I don't know if I would recommend Good Luck Chuck.  Dane makes me laugh every time, but there is a lot of...skin.  A little much.  Pretty crude, a little socially unacceptable. TMI. But I was just thinking how great that must have been for Dane Cook to film all that...skin.  He twitters me and from his comments, I can tell he wasn't hating it.  Oh, btw, whilst we were Tivo-ing Employee of the Month and watching Good Luck Chuck, I got a twitter from Dane.  I'm not gonna lie--the boy twitters me all the flipping time! I think I've actually said, "It's Dane...again." Quite the coincidence all the Dane, huh?  But anyway...so yeah, you are up against my couch and Dane Cook right now and lookie--you're winning. 

Okay, what else? Something interesting...(taps fingers)...So, this is a first--I had a girls weekend about a month ago today (this makes me a little sad realizing this). This time last month, I was in Tucson with four of my best girlfriends from back in the day.  High School.  God Bless those High School years. This girlfriend getaway business, I totally recommend.  We laughed, y'all.  We laughed good. Symptoms included random stuff coming out of your nose, the inability to breathe normally, numerous facial muscles hurting, maybe a couple new wrinkles around the eyes and mouth,  and the use of stomach muscles you had no idea existed. That deep down laugh that will add days to your life, I'm sure of it.

And get this--we had the matching t-shirts--I know! It was that kind of getaway. We totally wore the t-shirts at the same time too, all matchy-match! We got pedicures, tattoos, we shared numerous pictures from when we had the big hair and the boyfriends.  Pre-everything.  We talked about everybody (yes you) and everything (yes that).  We drank and ate like champs. We went out, somewhere that had an oxygen bar in it and some other stuff. We danced. We watched the girl movies, them love stories that make you sigh in unison and cry like a baby. It felt good, y'all.  It felt so good. That kind of a good is a drug.  Something I went into total withdrawl from after I got home.  I crave those girls now. 

I do have something to remember it by though.  Tattoos. Two of them.  Dos.We all got ladybug tattoos on the top of our feet.  Depending on how many kids we had, that was the number of ladybugs we got. Piece of cake, right?  They are little, simple.  No.  NOPE. It hurt.  It really hurt.  I've never been so happy that I only had two kids, instead of four like some of us did that day. I had to find my happy place and do a little baby labor breathing.  To top it off, I'm a flincher.  I had no idea. I get an "A" in flinching. Despite the fact that I can't control such things, Mark (the tattoo artist) said bad words and looked at me like my dad used to when I did something a-really bad. So one of my ladybugs has a little "extra".  Mark was not pleased, cuz you know, he's an artist and perfection is a must.  He was so disappointed in me.  I totally let a brother down. But you know, maybe after the 5th little minor flinch...all these little flinching warnings I was giving him, he should've held my foot down better.  Just sayin'... It's okay, I love Mark.  I'll go back.  See, the funny thing is, even though that hurt like a mutha, I totally want another one.  What the heck?  I make no sense.

Well, I think you know some more stuff that you didn't know a few minutes ago.  More insight into the mystery that is me.  I'll try to get back here more often, cuz there's more.  So.much.more. For now to hold you over, a picture of my tattoos the day I got them. 

P.S. I *just* got a twitter from Dane.  No lie.

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Jen said...

Yay! You're back! I think you made my evening. :)