Monday, November 23, 2009

I Want to Renember This

My family is such a wealth of blogging material.  I should use them more.  I've got a couple good little funny stories, care of my children.  I especially love it when they are funny and they don't mean to be.  It's the best.

As soon as I heard this one, I knew it had to go to the blog. Last week, I took the kids out of school to get flu shots.  To put it mildly, they get extremely nervous.  To try and keep things calm, I put on classical music to listen to as we drove down.  At one point, some opera came on.  After a couple minutes of silence, Liv pipes up, "This sounds just like Miss Piggy from The Muppets!" I really had the healthy laugh for that one.  She was completely serious.  And it really did sound like Miss Piggy.  I told Liv, "If only the woman singing heard you say that," and Liv replied, "That's a girl?" Again, completely serious. 

There's more.

Yesterday, I'm driving around (I am noticing that a lot of the funny happens in the car) with my girls just a-chatting away in the backseat.  They are reminiscing about Christmas. Then Addy renembers (this is how she says, "remember"), "one time, we went to this place and there were all these Christmas trees lined up and there was this fancy restaurant, but we didn't go in, renember?" That's about all she gives us to go on. Liv and I are trying to help her out with suggestions of what it was we went to--The Festival of Trees (literally loads of Christmas trees lined up), Sunriver (otherwise known as, Christmas Heaven on Earth)?  Was it in Maryland? The mall? She tries to sprinkle in little things that don't help us out at all with renembering.

She finally gets totally frustrated with us and says very exasperated like, "Uuuugh, you guys never renember anything!  I renember all the old days!"  The girl is six.  Loving that so much.


Jen said...

Ahhhh, I love when the little ones renember all the old days!

Jenny said...

I should write down all the funny things my kids say. They are slowly fading. It is such fun reminding them as they get older how they used to pronounce words etc. They get such a laugh.

Hillary said...

I wish I still had the nemory of a six year old. I'm jealous. ;)