Saturday, November 14, 2009

We're Dating

I had a date night last night with my soul  friend, Shannon.  Dinner, movie and drinks.  This girl is a good friend. See how I made it all bold and big?  That kind of good.  Emphasis. If you can swing it, find a friend that you have to emphasis the good in, every time you talk about them. Hard to do. She is totally the kind of friend that I can call up at 8:00 a.m. this past Wednesday and tell her I'm coming over with Egg McMuffins, kids (no school day) and The Notebook, still in the PJ's and everything, and without any hesitation she'll throw in, "hash browns too!"

I don't know how in the world the girl hadn't seen The Notebook yet, but I peer pressured her enough to sit on her couch, in the PJ's, with the furry blankets and watch it with me (thank you McDonald's).  She now totally agrees with me that it is the best love story of all time from start to finish.  Every look, every word--good.  We both let reality, otherwise known as the kiddos singing "Party in the USA" at the top of their lungs in the other room, slip away (you can go now) and let ourselves just be taken up with this movie.  We also agreed we couldn't watch it with the hubbs, poor guys just can't live up to Noah.  Who the flip can?  Somebody PLEASE look at me with that kind of intensity. That "I gotta have it!" determination.  That is just not fo' real.  Can't be. 

Wow.  How easily I get distracted over here in blogland!  Back to the blog! 

After the movie, we sadly pulled ourselves back into reality.  Given we started the movie at 8:30 a.m., we still had all day to grocery shop, clean a couple toilets, feed the kids and the dogs and shower.

Though Wednesday's don't usually happen like that (it was just a special thang), Fridays do.  I can usually count on seeing My Girl Shannon every Friday.  We meet and bop around together. We will drive long, out-of-our-way distances to find something good. We avoid the mall.  It has to be special and smell like Cinnamon Buns everywhere we go. We try to get creative, surprise each other.  We are so dating.

We managed to hang out all day together this past Friday and not spend a thing. This is kind of unheard of with us.  Our hubbs give us all kinds of grief over our ability to spend the money in a short amount of time. We could have degrees in this. For some reason, this Friday we both decided we have too much crap.  Or.  Or, the stores we frequent cannot keep their supply up with our demand.  That's probably more like it.

Something we don't do often is go out at night, just the two of us.  We've done it with the hubbs and kids in tow, but not just us.  So yesterday was extra special in that she and I basically only had two hours apart.  After our day out, we went home, made eye contact with the kids (kisskissmommalovesyouhavefunwithdaddytonightbegood) and the hubbs, and put on our "going out" clothes and hair. Which really isn't much different than our "running errands" clothes and hair. Basically, reapplied the deodorant and put the heels on.

We went to one of McMenamin's cozy little pubs.  Shannon and I agree we love the atmosphere McMenamin's tends to give off.  It's usually kind of dark and creaky, little lamps lighting your way, tasty beer, appetizers and the occasional ghost.  I will pick that over PF Chang's or Red Robin any day.  We basically commented over the deliciousness of our nut brown ales several times, amazingly found more things to talk about that we hadn't thought of the entire day we spent together, managed to talk about things other than the kids, and update our Facebook status. 

As for the movie, after discussing the pros and cons for the scary, the drama and the lame, we voted for funny. Couples Retreat it was. We heard good things. And it proved to be funny stuff.  But what was really funny to us, was that we were the only ones in the theater that didn't go see it with our significant other.  Wait, maybe that's not funny.'s funny.

We finished the night off finding another place to sit and talk about more stuff and have another beer.  We had to laugh at how proud The Boys would be of us having not one, but two "good" beers without having them actually there with us suggesting such things. 

I realize to you this blog post may seen like way too much random information. You're waiting for the punchline.  But in my head it is blogworthy.  The internet needs to know.  And that good friend o' mine.


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