Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I feel like I need to blog, but nothing earth shattering has really happened since the last time, so I'm just gonna throw some stuff in here and go random. 

Before I start, on the eve of Thanksgiving I'd like to say something I'm thankful for (the random could get a little cranky). 

I'm thankful for Bill Engvall and George Lopez.  They've been doing their jobs WELL distracting me lately, when music just won't do.

My List of Random:

*Okay, so not only have I lost the spell check button in Blogger, now I've lost the underline button.  Just what is going on here?! 

*I don't trust my dentist.

*Why do all the batteries and all the light bulbs go out at the same time?

*I think I'm wearing Olivia's socks.

*I lost my Costco card and I need rolls, in bulk.

*I'm almost done Christmas shopping.

*I could really use an explanation.

*I kind of want to beat up Jennifer's doctor.

*I think I'm FINALLY getting The Look down with my kids.  It only took 8 years.

*How have I been awake 36 minutes and not had any coffee yet?! 

*Why does the cat always throw up five minutes before the guests get here?

*I still don't know what to get Uncle Dick for Christmas.

*I don't really like talking on the phone, but I'll talk to you.

*I learned the most upsetting fact about public restrooms last night reading my Health magazine.  Though the toilet seat is "pretty" safe to sit on (which I still won't), you gotta make sure the toilet paper dispenser is totally enclosed cuz when you flush, stuff sprays all over the TP.  Great. Great, Great, A-Flippety Great.

* Think of me at 8:00 a.m. when you're still in your PJ's, sipping your coffee, in your fat socks.  I'll be at Jazzercise.  I'll be thinking of you.

*Why is it that there is always something else to do, especially when it's 9:00 p.m. and all you want to do is stretch out on the couch and not think, but you remember you  have to makethecoffeestartthedishwasherchangethelitterboxletthedoginputtheclothesinthewasherinthedryerandfoldtheclothesinthedryercheckthekidsbackpacks...and it just.never.ends.

*I agree with Erin that it would be fun to be pregnant again, but only for like a minute--cuz these t-shirts exist--

And these are just good--

I may have gotten a little carried away with the t-shirts right there, but lemme end this on another thankful note.

I am thankful for all that stuff up there, cuz it means I'm still here.


Rena said...

What a great post, Sunshine. I loved the t-shirts. Fun stuff! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

Hillary said...

I'm thankful for the stuff up there because I'm thankful that you're still here, too.

Jen said...

*Love the shirts.
*I used to have an Uncle Dick. Are we related?
*Thanks for having my back (so to speak) when it comes to my bad bad bad doctor! Just another reason I ♥ you.

Sunshine said...

Rena!!! :) :) :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I know it's gonna be a good one where you are. :) Thanks for the stop by!

Sunshine said...

Sweet girl. Right back at you. xo

Sunshine said...

Jen--You know I will take him dooooown. I have strong legs. ;D

Let's just say we're related. Let's say we're SISTERS! Do it.

Seriously. I love you and really hate what's happening in your world. But hope answers and solutions are coming quick. Keep smiling. Keep laughing. That's how we do it when we're down and out. Do it. xoxoxo