Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Just Need To Be Irish Already

Okay, I can't just go see Michael Flatley's, Lord of the Dance and not talk about it.  That would make no sense in my world.  I would also like to show you a picture of my hubby that I cannot for the life of me find.  He does a fantastic impersonation of Michael Flatley.  He made the mistake of showing it to my family at Christmas one year--tie wrapped around his head, just a tap dancing, head flipping fool he was--and has never been able to live that sucker down.  I really think he'd leave me if I did put the pic on the blog.  So it's his lucky day.  Dang, it's really funny though.

Anyway! I've decided that I have missed yet another calling in my life--Irish dancing.  Yep.  Should've been born in Ireland and started Irish tap dancing at the age of two.  As soon as the lights go down and they cue the music--chills.  Everytime.  I also cry at such things.  Like--I can't even see the show, through my wet, wet, wetty-wet tears.  I just don't get that reaction, you know, when I'm helping my 3rd grader with double digit subtraction.  Or balancing the checkbook, or filling out real estate and insurance documents, or even making like the perfect meal (one where I catch my little ones licking their plates). tears.  Not one little goose bump.  Ever. 

So my mom, sister and I got to see a bunch of amazing dancing the other night.  Cheesy, yes.  But the amazing-ness of it far outweighed the oh-my-gosh-that-was-so-cheesy.  All the women were beautiful--like too good to be true beautiful. Flipping Irish. It made me feel 83% better when I noticed that all of them had the long, shiny, fake, hair.  Good.  I needed something, cuz they were breath-taking, tiny and they had out-of-this-world legs!  Not only am I going to tap dance everywhere I go now...I will point my toes.  That should do it.

And the men--I had no idea I had a thang for tap dancing men. I surprise myself every single day. I couldn't even see faces from where we sat (fourth row from the tip top) and I was loving the boys a-very much.  That was my favorite part.

I don't really even know what was happening.  Something about a boy and a girl and a belt buckle.  I know there was good and evil, cuz there was happy sounding music and then there was sinister sounding music.  And there was happy, twirl-ey, leap-ey, tap dancing and really loud, I-am-so-mad-right-now, muscle-ey tap dancing. There were some masks and fake six-pack abs going on there too (which would have made the hubbs feel 83% better, had he been there, which he would not have been). The good and evil boys dueled--with tap shoes. There were "lightening arms" (as my sister likes to say) and punches in the air being thrown everywhere. At one point the bad boy got the belt buckle, and it was very sad. But before you knew it, they were tap dancing the crap out of each other again.  And I knew the bad boy lost, cuz he just layed down.  Apparently the good guy tapped 

The boy got the girl too.  Cue the happy music. My sister said that the buckle had nothing to do with the boy and the girl, and that it wasn't a belt buckle, but a full on belt.  She's very serious when she tells me these things.  I have surely offended someone, by not getting it right, but you know, I was sitting pretty far.  And I was crying.

The Warriors

The Duel

The Victory

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Jen said...

Ah, thank you for starting my day with a giggle. You're the best!