Sunday, May 18, 2008

Six- Twelve Things You We're Dying To Know

I just tried to write about my day, but I think I waited too long, cuz I'm just too tired. Brain no workie. So I take the easy way out, save the sentence I wrote and go to read your blogs real quick like, cuz the pillow is a-calling! I get to Carrie's (Candid Carrie) blog (Carrie-cows are so cute though!) and realize she has tagged me. What is this "tagged" you speak of, Carrie? I think I have to do something now (but I'm tiiiiiRED), so even though I really want to comment about the cow I decide to head on over to my blog to get to it. Cuz I can tell this has to be done right now. If I don't do it, people will be mad. So on my way, I take a quick side trip over to Mrs. Romero's (The Romero Diaries). I'm easily distracted. She's doing this tagging stuff too...I must find out more about this Secret is in the Sauce bit. I need to know. At the bottom of her post, I see Mrs. Romero has tagged me too! Get OUT! So now I really have to get down to business. People are depending on me! Two people are depending on me. So here you go, girls (and thanks for thinking of me. I'm honored. I'd like to thank my mother, the sound guys, my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Shumate...):

1. I had open-heart surgery when I was 5 and I totally remember it.

2. I've met the Wiggles (a few times).

3. I'm a prior Air Force wife (11 yrs!), now I'm an Air Force Reservist wife.

4. I know how to clog.

5. I made Kathy's (Mama's Losing It) Broiled Salmon Pesto last night (A-girl wants me to make it every day!). Yum-o!

6. I've never had the chicken pox.

So there you have it. Wait, was I supposed to do like 6 facts o' me for both of you??? Dang it. I totally don't know how to play. So here goes again. Prepare to have your socks knocked off:

1. I saw Alan Jackson in concert last week (I think he looked at me).

2. When I was in the 7th grade, my girlfriend and I made up the language of "Ong". Yep, it was our secret code. I totally was in love with a boy named Donny at the time (insert big ol' jr high siiiigh). So, this is what it sounds like in "Ong"-- I longongvonge Dongongnongnongyong. Now go back and say it really fast. Impressive, isn't it?

3. I know how to break dance (okay, so really only the wave and the moonwalk).

4. My girls complete me.

5. I've been staring (sleeping) at the screen for five minutes.

6. I got dirty today. Like dirt under you finger nails and bark dust in your bra dirty. And I liked it.

Okay, so that was actually pretty hard. I hope it's cuz I'm tired and I'm just not boring myself to tears for nothing. But I got 'er done.

So let's see...who should I tag???

Mama's Losing It (Kathy!!! This should be good)

A Women's Prerogative (Carey--Getting to knooooow yoooou....getting to knooooow aaaaall abouuuut yoooou...)

The Petersons Go Public (Jennifer gets this, cuz she was good enough to post last night just as I was typing all this out! Thanks Jennifer! Please come back so you'll read this!)

Here We Go Again (I'm not sure if Rachel will head over here, but if she does...YAY!)


Mrs. Romero said...

Great job!!! I love that Alan Jackson looked at you... of course he did!

You can clog? I am so insanely jealous I don't even know where to start.

You will find out the significance of the Secret (I just wrote Seacrest and than erased it, how funny is that?)
is in the Sauce shortly.

careysue said...

Wow-thanks for tagging me....hmmmmm now I'm under the gun! Will do that today. It's a good thing I crawled to the computer today. hahaha

Thanks, and I love Modest Mouse as well most people don't even know who he is..(at least my age people)

:) Carey

Carrie said...

Oooh, a double tag and you did twelve? Seriously if you get double tagged you just divide by two. No not really. I am not in charge of the BlogGround, I will play nice.

I totally know the bark in the bra kind of dirty. You are such a dirty girl, very dirty.

Yeah, cows.

Carrie said...

I've got the pool and I am afraid of cows and you can come over and I Ryan Seacrest can come over, too.

Sunshine Buzo said...

LOL! The thinks we thing! (Ryan Seacrest)

Rachel said...

Hi it is Rachel and I am a tagging virgin, so how does this work?

jen721 said...

Wow, someone else who has never had the chicken pox. We are few and far between. You know they have a vaccine now?

Side note- A guy I work with just got over a case of what they think was 'the mumps'! I didn't think that one still exists! Still waiting for test results to find out for sure!