Monday, May 26, 2008


I just have to say right off the bat, that my hubby is a little miffed at me with the way he was portrayed in the last post. So I just wanted to make sure you knew that he is a very manly, man. He's tough. He's smart, works hard, been all over the world. Iraq. New Mexico. He kills spiders. He just chooses not to multi-task.

Okay, so now that's said and done (i love you, baby!), back to the story. So last night we had great family time (we were still at the beach, by the way). We walked the little coastal town, perusing the shops. We spent $22.43 on seashells (yes, we had to *buy* them) and a kite. We picked up the pizza, salad, wine, beer, Wheat Thins, Cheese-In-A-Can. We did the Go Fish, the S'mores. Hubby took the kiddos to the pool while I took a long walk on the beach with Miley-girl (but not too far, cuz I started freaking myself out about the tide coming in). We watched the sunset. Then, exhausted by a full day, we went to bed, ready to be lulled to sleep by the calming white noise of the ocean, just out the door.

Yeah, not so much. First of all, I couldn't really hear the ocean with the door to the balcony shut. And it was stinking hot in there, since we had the fire going earlier in the evening (you haaaave to do that at the's all cozy and stuuuuff). I always read before I go to bed. It settles me. Well, I just kept reading, and reading, and reading. I'm totally wide awake. I kick the covers down and say out loud to myself, it's hot in here, I can't sleep, and hubby agrees. I'm shocked. He's awake too. Usually he is down for the count as soon as his head hits the pillow. So I open the sliding door. I could care less at this point if someone breaks in. Miley will eat them and I needs me some air and some white noise. So that's better. I go back to read, fully expecting heavy eyes any moment. Blink, blink, blink. No sleepy. Dang S'more. Hubby's restless too. So we try to think of things we could do to get sleepier. Skip-Bo? I Spy? Cheese-In-A-Can? Hmmmm...For a second I imagine him reading to me (of all the things!). I have a girlfriend who's hubby reads to her. They literally turn off the TV and sit down together and he reads like novels to her. They are like 35. Our age. It's flipping weird, but I'm jealous all the same. That would never...never happen over here. And if it did, I would be laughing my you-know-what off. That is way too serious for us. First of all, my hubby does not read for pleasure (except this blog of course). And he would be all about reading in a chipmunk voice, or Austin Powers or something totally inappropriate for Jane Austen. So anyway...reading is out. So hmmmm...what to do, We're just gonna fast forward here. I'm keeping this PG-13, thank you. So it's seriously like 2 a.m. now. I think we went to bed at like 11. I know...we are so married with children. We are still awake. I've already been to the bathroom like 4 times and shut the sliding door. I've decided someone breaking in is a bad thing. I've written the Miley throwing up in the car story, in my head, and started this one. I'm planning my grocery list for the week. Finally, finally, I think I'm drifting off to sleep. I am, I am...I'm on the verge... Then Miley starts barking her head off. At absolutely nothing. We hear nothing. Noooooooooo...I was...almost...there. Hubby is squatted on the floor holding onto Miley's collar, yell whispering for her to shut-the-frig-up. She won't. He puts her on the bed. She's still barking. We put her under the covers. She's still barking. Are we in the flipping twilight zone, or flipping what? We should be SLEEPING! My hubby can sleep eating! He can sleep mid-sentence! What is going ON? We're at the BEACH! We just stare at each other in the dark. Shut it, MiLEY.

Somehow, the sleep came--about 15 minutes before the girls woke up. So the day began. And despite major beach sleep deprivation, we had a fine, fine day. We flew the kite. For all of 5 minutes. There's another story there. Same thing with the Chicago hot dog stand we had lunch at today (garnished w/pickles, tomatoes and cucumbers...). And the organic hemp coffee. But I think sleep is going to overrule the blogging tonight. And if that doesn't work, there's always Jane Austen being read in a chipmunk voice.


Mrs. Romero said...

I need to go to the beach now, thankyouverymuch.

I cannot believe you have a friend whose husband reads to her...I feel just like you do.. it's weird, but I'm jealous.

Kathy said...

Oh man, that sounds like hell. I think I would have kicked the dog out. Let her fend for herself if she's gonna be like that.

And I like that my daughter and your dog share a name. Sweet.

My husband told me he gets a sinking feeling in his stomach whenever he sees that one of my posts is about him. :) I try to be kind, but he doesn't always give me much to work with...

Sunshine Buzo said...

mrs. romero--it's really true! I was blown away. I think it's pretty cool though. Hubby would never go for it--he'd talk himself to sleep.

kathy--LOL about the hubby! Don't tell my hubby, but I can relate! He DOES give me a lot to work with! If I wrote more about my hubby it would be about 10X more funny. But I might not have a hubby anymore, so you know...probably shouldn't do that.