Thursday, May 29, 2008

They Weeble And They Wobble But They Don't Fall Down

I've gone and done it. I've been to the gym. The I've-Been-Ignoring/Dreading/Talking-Smack-About you gym. You know, with the treadmills and kettle bells. Yoga and Diet Plans. All that. It's been a good and strong four years now since I've done the gym thing. But summer's coming with the quickness and I'm getting hives just thinking about getting the shorts out. And I pretty much look like a Weeble Wobble now. Can you say, Cankles? It's just time.

So I've only been two times. The first time I went, I took L with me. I told her to bring her Junie B. book, cuz I was preparing her to be bored. I saw the room where the kiddos go and it's looking pretty Preschool. The look on my 7-yr-old's face said it all the minute we walked in too. I handed her Junie B. and promised I'd be back in 20 minutes. If I could make it that long.

So I went and got somebody that looked like they worked there to help me turn on the treadmill. Yes, it's been that long. She gave me a little run through and I was surprised and delighted to see that the treadmill had it's own TV. Delighted I tell you. So, I'm on my own now. Walking at a heart-pounding 2.0 mph. I immediately realize I've worn the wrong shoes. They are my slip on sneakers. These just won't do. The pads of my feet force me to make a mental note right then and there. I'm gonna tough it out though. So, I've tuned into King of Queens--love this show--and I'm feeling like I can handle this now. I might even go 30 minutes. Finish out the show. I forgot my headphones, so I'm reading lips, but it's better than staring at all those doo dads on the treadmill. So much better. I'm even getting a little cocky now. I turn it up to 3.7 mph...woooo hoooo, baby! I can feel the burn now! Wooooo hooo....woh...oh...oh...this is where I grab the rail and just about fall on my you-know-what. So I hurry up and turn the mph down to 3.3. Whew...big difference. I'm sure no one saw that. I don't turn around to see. Every time I try to really get into a groove, and work my arms into know power walk and all, I keep pulling out that emergency cord that immediately stops the treadmill. Dang it. I did that like three flipping times. Everyone else is running too. All around me, everyone is running. I can't hear anyone out of breath (or pulling their emergency cords out) or anything. I'm very tempted to try running. I am so not a runner, but I kind of want to try. I know I need to scratch this idea though until I get me a new bra. The sports bra I'm wearing right now is doing it's best, but gravity (and my love of carbs) have set in and I'm gonna need a little more support. But I know I'm burning something besides the pads of my feet, cuz I'm sweating down my back and in my bra. Somehow in all of this, I am working out.

So, I made it through King of Queens. I'd say that's a good first day. I go to pick up L and she is actually upset I'm already there. She's having "the bestest time EVER!" and doesn't want to leave. It's like I'm dragging her from Disneyland or something. Okaaaaay.

So the next day is even better. I'm shocked. I remembered my headphones, my good shoes, I did the treadmill (with Friends) AND the elliptical (with Everybody Loves Raymond). I had an hour of time to myself. I didn't even look at it like exercise. I looked at it as Momma Time. I even went out and got a whole bunch of workout clothes today. Cute workout clothes. I'm totally committed now. I'm eyeballing those kettle balls thinking I want to try them. Me! Kettle balls! I was even bummed I couldn't go today (bummed, I tell you), cuz dance schedules and such. I can't believe I missed working out. Not just missed, but missed-missed.

I thought all I wanted was to not feel my inner thighs touching anymore. To shed my muffin-top. I had no idea this was going to actually be a STRESS RELIEVER! Do I ever need one of those. I'm gonna say it. I'm gonna say it. I think I like working out! I think I'll celebrate. I'm thinking cake.


Carrie said...

Exercise No, Raymond Yes.

Anonymous said...

LOL your poor 7-year old! I have nine year old who would likely give me the same look. I have a treadmill in my garage. We are good friends, it and I ;)
Cute place you have here, I found you through The Secret is in the Sauce. I'm sure I'll be back to take a longer look-see!

Sunshine Buzo said...

Carrie--Ha ha...I hate the exercise. It needs a new word, doesn't it? Just the word alone makes me cringe. Like I said though, they have TV's at the gym. Let's just say that Raymond (and Seinfeld, King of Queens, and the crew from Friends) is my personal trainer now, mmmmk?

Shanna--So glad to see you here! Thanks for stopping by. I'm trying to make friends w/the treadmill too. Reeeeally trying.