Friday, May 2, 2008

Don't Get The Wires Wet!

Okay, so went to El Doctor today. He checked me over good (wow...never knew you could take your pulse THERE) and decided I needed to come back for an ECHO and for the next 48 hours wear a heart monitor and it will record my heart beat/rhythms etc... Let me tell you how cool I look. Let's just say, it's a good thing we don't know Tony Soprano, cuz I would be doing a very BAD job at going undercover or looking like I'm going undercover (I've got heart palpitations, Man!). I am looking good, good, good. And it gets better. I can't bathe for 2 days! Ha ha...Back away from the Momma! Well, I can sponge bath, but you's totally gonna be a hat weekend! Oh, and I have to journal every time I feel something funny from the waist up. I have to let them know what I'm doing...WHATEVER I'm doing. This could be good. Good reading.

So anyway, now that I have to journal it, don't you know this is making me even MORE of a hypochondriac! I'm already on my second sheet of paper with my entries. I'm gonna look nuts. I almost want it to show that something is going on. You know, totally something that's completely curable/manageable...that he'll tell me to eat more fiber, exercise dammit, and take more baths or vacations (relax lady!). I just don't want to look this good for two days and have it be nothing. Plus, it's gonna cost a million bucks!

Anyway...enough of my complaining. Which I'm not. I love the fact that I'm freaking A out--she can't look another minute and L wants to know if she can listen to country music on it. I love it. Okay, I like-like it. I am starving for attention though, so you know this is helping out in a big way. I just gotta figure out how to post a picture of this baby without it, bad on so many levels. For now...I'll just leave it to your imagination, and go count my palpitations.


Kathy said...

You have to post pictures. The uglier the better. You'll get more attention that way. I hope everything is ok! This has to be freaking you out a little...though it IS make for some good blog entries.

ps Thanks for the compliment! You should totally do the cooking segment with your kids. It's easy. You just do everything and make it so their only job is dumping things together in a bowl and stirring it. Anyone could do it!

Anonymous said...

Totally post the pics Who doesn't love pictures of funny contraptions? I too hope all is well.

I know that you've posted a few comments on my site (thank you for visiting and commenting by the way) but your name didn't link to your site (I only happened to find you through my stats.) Do you know how to do that? Or maybe you didn't have your site up yet?

Anyway, if you'd like me to talk you through it (so to speak) I'll be happy to...then that way whenever you leave a comment people can click on your name & you can get more traffic. :)

Sunshine Buzo said...

Be on the look out for pictures. As soon as I figure it out, you'll see I'm a picture taking/posting fool!