Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Awww, my girls, my girls! I love them so! I just have to show them off. I'm not so good with adding more than one pic, but I'll try to share a couple from over the weekend. They had a dance performance at a local amusement park. They were in their zone. Drama, drama. They love the stage. Unfortunately, I don't have great pics of them actually dancing, cuz Momma was backstage and forgot to give ol' hubby the camera. We have it on video though. I hope their love for dance continues. I totally want to be one of "those" Mommas.


Mrs. Romero said...

That is some serious cuteness.

Carrie said...

I second mrs romeo arrow on that one. What happened to your picture? Bring it back!

Your girls are adorable together, I like their outfits. Do you dress them like that every day?