Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This Is My "Cheers"

I don't need Target, Macy's, Kohl's (okay, I love me some Kohl's) or Starbucks (scratch muy importante). I just need this little piece of Heaven called, Simple Folk. That is all. I need handmade candles. Embroidered quotes in a a frame. Patchwork place mats. Weathered birdhouses. Crackled lamps. Wooden bowls and signs ("Always Kiss Me Goodnight"--cuz hanging a sign above your bed is all it takes). Plates with salt houses painted on them. Little colonial lights you stick in your window. I need this comfort. I need my house (and car) to smell like Cinnamon Buns. I count down the days until I can go here. When Pay Day comes you know where Momma's gonna be. As if I totally wait for Pay Day. MasterCard flipping loves me. The place is about as big as my garage and I can literally spend at least an hour in it (3 hours). I usually have a pile going at the counter (on the floor, behind the counter). The owner knows me by name. I'm a flipping "regular". I love that I'm a regular. This is my "Cheers". I'll take one of everything. Please. I want to tuck myself under one of her little antique-y tables and spend the night. You can go now. Send me here, take me here, buy me something from here (they have GIFT CARDS)! It is a sure fix for PMS. For Frustrated Momma. For Freak Wife. You need me to go here (honey). I'll come back a new woman...with potpourri and a distressed magazine rack to hang in the bathroom! I'll be happy now. Wheeeere's my MasterCard. Did you hide my it...Honey? Babe? Helloooooo?


Cookie said...

I always get happy when I visit my Sunshine friend :)
And EVERYONE needs a "Simple Folk" store in their corner of the world to escape and enjoy and wallow in!

I can do without alot but like you, Kohls is the store for me - (who can beat all the sales they have?)!

AAAAh... I'm a fool for THIRD DAY too and Consuming Fire just started as I was catching up on my reading here - it's one of those songs that makes you say outloud "OH, I LOVE THIS SONG" :)

Good Vibes, Sister!

Mrs. Romero said...

I love how you call this place you "Cheers"...where everybody knows your name...

I love little shops like this. They smell so good, the ladies who own them and run them are always so nice...the stuff they sell is original and different.

Ah, I just love it.

Kathy said...

Yep, I could definietly put a store like this to good use as well. Too cute.

Sunshine Buzo said...

Cookie--Okay, I just love typing that out. Cookie, cookie, coooookie! Kohl's does have a lot of sales! We'll just forget the fact that I just buy MORE. Oh, I love THIRD DAY! Mac could sing the phone book to me! I love that deep voice. And the songs are very, very good. The message a little better than the phone book!

Mrs. Romero--Yes, it does smell soooooo good in there. Sue is very nice. See, I know her name! Tee hee...I love it!

Kathy--Yes, I want to live there.