Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Please Enable Me

I think I need help. Correction: My hubby thinks I need help. I think I'm all good.

Okay, so I *might* have a slight addiction to Craig's List. Maybe a smidge. I think my family might be working on an intervention.

I hadn't even heard of Craig's List until we moved to Oregon almost a year ago. My mom mentioned she had been cruising it looking at homes for sale and such. She told me I should check it out (I blame her). So I did and FELL IN LOVE (has this been here all this time?!). Specifically with the "furniture" section, but I'm not opposed to checking out toys and kids clothes (you should SEE the Old School Barbie house I got for my kiddos...bringing back memories, y'all) and we got an AWESOME deal on a vacation home rental up in the woollies in December! Mostly, I stick to the furniture section though. And it doesn't help that I found a new friend out here that loves the furniture shopping just as much as me. We get into sooooo much trouble! Any minute, I'm sure her hubby is going to ground her from me.

But really, I'm totally saving us a TON of moolah. We just moved into this beautiful home a year ago and I have to furnish this baby. Over the year, I've found quite the collection of goodies. Plus, I don't feel too bad if it gets baby throw up (helloooo Stanley Steemer) on it, or wine (I am forever spilling my wine), or if the dog stretches out on it. Cuz though it's perty, it's used and it was cheap-er and good for the kids. If I'm gonna get some furniture for the house at this stage in our life, this is the way to go! Let's just say, I am not the freak I would be if it were new ("Honey, aren't you glad I'm not a freak?"). AND when I get tired of something I can put it BACK on Craig's List, sell it, and get something ELSE! See how this works? I'm always thinking ahead! It's garage sales all year long. Momma looooves garage
sales! I save gas money (that's my story and I'm sticking to it), and I don't have to take the kiddos with me and have them nickel and dime me over 25 cent Happy Meal toys. Plus, I don't have to take the kiddos with me.

So, I just wanted to share my goodies. My latest is the chandelier that hubby let me get for Mother's Day--it was a very, good dealie!

Here's hoping you'll go to Craig's List (btw, I don't work for CL or anything) and buy a bunch of stuff and then share it on your blogs, so I won't feel so
guilty--ya know, help a sister out. I'm just gonna thank you right now in advance. Thanks.


Tiffany said...

Love it all. LOVE Craigslist, Thrift Store and Garage Sales. It is such a great hobby... and I am a true believer that a can of black spray pant can fix about anything..

Sunshine Buzo said...

Thanks what I'm TALKING about! Yeah! :)

Carrie said...

Black spray paint is exactly why I bought the black kitchen chairs that are constantly getting scuffed. I love the wall colors. I love to "visit" those colors and come home to beige.