Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm So Drama

Talk about your cliff hanger--eh? The last thing I said in my last post was, "I'll let you know if I'm gonna live." Then nothing for almost a week? Let me just say, I totally didn't plan that, but wow--dramatic, wasn't it?

Firstly--I'm still alive (oh, you noticed?) and it's going on 9 days and I've still got them palpitations. I went to my doc and we did the EKG thingy and I've got the fast heart beat w/some irregularities, but not like emergency stuff. However, I am going to see a specialist on Friday, cuz it's weird (very fitting for moi). So, like $2000 later now, I'll find out I have gas.

But anyway, back to the drama, drama...right after I posted my heart post (last Friday), my computer just died. Right then and there (is this a sign?). Bad, bad computer. So, I'm making my hubby late to work right now using his laptop (he's been gone for 2 weeks, just got home last night), so I can get my blog fix. Then I'm gonna get my computer fixed. Hello, Geek Squad? But very soon, we will have the computer fixed, so I can get back on here, cuz I'm so inspired. Reading other blogs is so very inspiring. I love it! It's all so new and exciting to me! Y'all are so iiiiinteresting! And funny and oh, the parallel lives we live! So I'll be back. I have so much to say! Stay tuned for my new found crush on Jeff Corwin, more funny A-girl convos (remind me about of the lettuce one, K? And my "chubby" arms), my love of Happy Hour, how my fave coffee shop closed (how could you??), my nightmare dream, and more Random Thoughts (I've got a lot of those)...Yes, I've got a lot to say--that is, if I live.

Ha ha...cliff hanger.

P.S. Thanks for caring about a complete stranger, guys. As soon, as I get my computer fixed, I'll be back to pining my free time away reading your blogs. :)


Kathy said...

I hate computer problems. For awhile we had only one computer and when it crashed about a month ago I called my husband to ask him to pick up another on his way home from work. :) THAT'S how bad it is for me.

And now we have two. Phew!

Sunshine Buzo said...

Ha ha, Kathy! As if it's the same as asking them to stop and get milk on the way home! I'm with you, girl! I was entirely too productive on the homefront and w/the kiddos when the computer was down, but I'm back on track now! THAT'S how bad it is for me. Ha ha...