Friday, April 4, 2008

"These Taste Like Baby"

We needed vitamins. My kiddos have been sick a lot this winter, so I wanted to find them something a little beyond the Flinstone vitamins I usually give them. So I recently went to New Seasons and picked the clerk's brain about what "the best" children's vitamins were. She gave me a couple choices and after much deliberation I finally chose some. They looked good, said all the right stuff and had the pretty rainbow label. They were a million bucks, but I'm being healthy here.

So this morning I give them to my girls over breakfast and the next thing I know, they are crying their eyes out and wretching. Very dramatic for so early in the morning, but not really new. I have girls...two girls. This is a regular occurrence. The vitamins are "gross" and my 7-yr-old informs me, "they taste like baby!" Whatever that means! That could mean a lot of things. My 4-yr-old whole-heartedly agrees with her (between gags). I just give them "the look" and tell them to chew it up quickly and swallow it down with some yogurt. It's like I'm torturing them here. I tell them, "It's just a it!" They do it, but they sure don't like it and continue to let me know all the way to school. I thought I was going to have to pull over, cuz my 4-yr-old sounded like our cat hocking up a hair ball. Somehow we all made it safely (minus the barf bag).

When I got home my hubby and I had a laugh together over the girls, as we cleaned up the breakfast dishes. He asked me if I tried one of those vitamins. I hadn't, so I did. I was only chewing for a second, not even that, when my gag reflex started working. Oh, this was bad. Very bad. Horrible! I was completley deceived by that damn rainbow label! What a cruel, cruel joke! Hubby laughed and acted out the whole chewing episode (he had tried one while I was taking the girls to school)..."where's my yogurt...this *does* taste like baby!"


Joshua said...

MMMmmmm Baby...
Sounds so appetizing.
Your writing rocks- you always know how to get me to laugh.

jyotsana said...

hi this was not only funny but so true. this actually happened with me once with a paediatric paracetamol syrup.i was quite upset because of my daughters fever and here she was throwing tantrums. so i said u wait i'll show u how it has to be taken and then i took a drop into my mouth and ga.....wd it tasted like venom. thats when i realised what i was trying to put down her throat.nice reading. keep up the sunny blogging.

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh that's hilarious! How many times have I given that exact same "I'm your mother I know what's best for you, NOW DO IT" look, while thinking "crap what IS this stuff??" One time I put orajel in my mouth to see what IT felt like and DANG, my whole lip went numb. :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I added you to my blog list too!!