Thursday, April 24, 2008

Here Baby

Oh yes, update on the kitty and then I seriously have to go to bed.

So I didn't feed Baby, but she's still coming around. She likes us. Last night, I was taking the trash out and I noticed my neighbor across the street holding her and she asked if it (Baby) was ours. I let her know it wasn't but that I was very tempted to feed her. She laughed and said her son and the boys next door to them had been feeding it. That was a huge relief to me because you know, earlier in the day, I had to make an "emergency" call to one of my best friends who tells me what to do all the time (she's very wise) and she was so good to share her own story of "saving" a kitty and inadvertently "saving" a possum too! Yipes!

So it looks like my street has a new Baby kitty. I'll just let my neighbors feed her. I'll just blog about her.

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Mrs. D said...

My hubby is allergic to kitties... I would take a street kitty anyday. We live to far out of town to have street kitties... but I would feed them if I could. I have bunnies and deer instead. Not very cuddly!(found you at sits)