Thursday, April 24, 2008

Huff and Puff

Okay, so I'm already a freak about germs. I get teased about it all the time. I totally have the jumbo bottle of antibacterial in the car, one in my purse, I have stock in Clorox wipes (I absolutely love how supermarkets have the antibacterial wipes right by the front doors to wipe your carts off), etc...We wash our hands as soon as we get in the car and as soon as we get home. It's just part of the routine. I don't even have to tell 'em, even though I do every single time. Yes, I'm a freak...I know this. So you can imagine my feelings on how my kids have this fascination with having to use the bathroom at restaurants. It never, never, never fails...they always gotta go (even though we just went right before we left the house--it's a rule). And I do mean Go. It's like they save it up for when we go out to eat. I'm already a nut about using public restrooms anyways (omg, don't touch anything!), but I know it's gotta be done. When ya gotta go, ya just gotta go. Especially when you're a kid. What do we ingrain in them the second they begin potty training? Listen to your body. I don't know how many times my girls have thrown that one back at me when I huff and puff them to the restaurant bathroom. I'm just listening to my body, momma...Oy. And it never fails that they have to go right when the food gets there. Even though I've asked them about ten times if they needed to go, cuz I know they are going to have to go. And it's hardly ever at the same time that both have to go. I know I could make them, but if you knew my girls, you would know that when choosing your battles, this is one to avoid at restaurants--just let the girl color, if ya know what I mean. Cuz I do try to be cool about it and not be a freak mom. I try. I don't want to care about this. But I do.

So, I take the first one, get back, get ready to take that much anticipated bite of my now lukewarm food, and the other one pipes up that they gotta go potty. Really? Seriously? Cuz I was just there. Did you miss that whole conversation five minutes ago, or what? (Insert a full mouth of food and a smile on hubby's face) So we huff and puff back to the bathroom again. And they do take forever. You know how little kids are. Just a-singing away. laaaaadeeeeedaaaa...And most of the time they won't let you in the stall with them, so you're waiting on the outside of the stall for the inevitable, I'm done! Only to realize the door is locked (even though you told them not to lock the door), so they have to get up (cringe) and unlock it for you. The other day we went out for breakfast and on the way out I took the girls potty, cuz we had to run a lot of errands. So Addy goes, and amazingly...just #1. Good. In and out (of course holding the door handle with a paper towel). I send her to sit with her dad outside. Then Liv goes. #2, of course. Ten minutes later (I swear), I take her out to sit with dad and then I run back in to go. In and out for me. I go back out ready to start the day, and Addy has to go got it--#2! I seriously think my head is going to blow off. But what are ya gonna do? When you gotta go, you just gotta go--at restaurants.

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