Friday, April 25, 2008

My Heart Hurts

Here's my latest hypochondriac episode (don't worry, there will be more). So I've had heart palpitations for five days now. At least that's what I think I'm having, Google said so. Anyway, it's a new feeling in the heart region. The first two days straight (all day), it felt like my heart was doing flip flops. Like when you're just pregnant enough to feel the baby roll over...that sort of feeling. It doesn't hurt, but you know, maybe your heart shouldn't be doing gymnastics in there. And it's not doing it when I'm running up the stairs, or down the stairs, or back up again, cuz I forgot why I was going upstairs to begin with. It's doing it when I'm calm (a rare occurrence). The next day it wasn't flip flopping, but kind of a bit of a sharp pain...again, all day. Then yesterday, same thing, but a little duller. Now this morn, no sharp pain, but I can feel it beating every once in a while. Anyway, not the norm.

So I'm going to go see the doc this morn, while my girls are in school, baby girl (I take care of a baby) in tow. It will be right when she's supposed to be napping. So this should be good. I just know I'm going to get in there and have absolutely no symptoms at all (you know how just making that Dr. appointment cures you on the spot some times--or maybe that just happens to me). There will be a lot of "Mmmm...hmmmm's" and how much caffeine do I consume (not enough) and alcohol (don't make me give up my Happy Hour, lady). "How's your exercise?" (wait, I just have to pause here and laugh my self silly...okay we're good) and "Are you stressed?" This is where I give her the blank stare that totally says, Yes, I'm stressed, lady! Do you know me at all? Then $500 later, she pats me on the shoulder and tells me I just have gas.

I'll let you know if I'm gonna live.


Rachel said...

Hi, Glad that you could find a laugh at my life through my blogging or blahing. Hope your doctor visit went well and you get to return to your normal chaos soon.

Kathy said...'d it go!?! We're waiting....

Anonymous said...

HAHA! I hope all went well.
Stress should always be implied with moms I agree!

Genny said...

Sorry you've been having the palpitations, and I do hope you feel better soon, but I have to thank you for the laugh! Your writing style is great, and I liked your intro at the top of your blog!