Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yeah, That Didn't Come Out Right

Okay, another "confession" at 11:08 p.m. This has been bugging me all day and if I get it out, maybe I'll be able to go to sleep easy.

So I watch a baby girl full-time and usually pick her up after dropping my daughter off to school in the morn (I used to pick her up before dropping her off at school until we found out we had 34 tardies--I've already posted about that one though)...SO ANYWAY, today Liv didn't have school and I asked the dad of the baby I watch if he could drop baby girl off on his way to work (he lives on my street). So he's fine with that.

So he comes to drop her off and it only takes a minute, but in that sixty seconds, my dog starts barking at him. And he goes to pet her and she kind of backs up, all scared and nervous-like (not a good impression). I tell him "sorry" as he's heading for the door and THEN go on to tell him, "You just need to come by more..." Woah...back the truck up! What did I say? No...more like what did it SOUND LIKE I just said? I hurriedly added after he gave a somewhat nervous laugh, "t-t-t-to drop the baby off..." and he was gone.

OH MY GOSH! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? That totally came out all wrong. I wanted a Take Two immediately! I totally wanted to tell him to wait and explain the whole life story of our dog and how we just adopted her, she's a little skittish, she's had a hard life, nervous around the boys, but just needs to get to know you, etc...I almost blurted out, "Wait, come baaack!" Which would have made it like a million bazillion times worse sounding!

I'm an idiot. That's just all there is to it. I am such an idiot.

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