Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Plane, A Baby & Ear Muffs

Whew! It's been a while since I've been on here! I guess we've had a busy week. I appreciate those of you that pop in here. I absolutely love seeing you.

Well, here's what's been going on. Last weekend we went along with hubbs to do his evreseR (spelled backwards--Thanks Tiffany for that grand idea) duty up at the esab (spelled backwards). It was family weekend up there, so we even took the kiddos. Plus there's the yrasimmoc and the XB (spelled backwards). While hubby is working, the girls and I can shop. Now I know some of you may find this exciting. Just the word alone--shopping--gets you all giddy. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are good at this. I however, do not get the goosebumps when I think of shopping. Especially shopping with my girlie-O's. But not even by my lonesome either. I don't know what's wrong with me, but that's me. Now, shopping for books, and little primitive, country, home decor mom and pop shops--that's a whole other animal. But food and clothes--not so much. So I might have grumbled a little (a lot) about doing this. I was kind of, maybe, a little, not so excited about going up with hubbs for this. I envisioned a lot of hotel room time with the kiddos, while hubbs was at work. I can only be inside so long and inside a small space with my kiddos for so long too. Oh and this was the hotel we stayed in the first night--

Charming, isn't it? Yes, it was gross. The esab (spelled backwards) lodging was all booked, so this is where they put us. Hey, it was free. Free for one night, cuz you can bet the next day we moved to something a little (a lot) cleaner.

I had a quick attitude adjustment after hubby could only take my grumbles so much and shared with me how he did this with his own family all the time growing up (his dad is yratilim too) and it was a fond memory for him. I knew this, but did not realize that it was something he got all sentimental about. How sweet is it that he was envisioning the very same for his family? And I was so not making that possible with all the grumbling. Yes, I know. I hear y'all loud and clear. So I straightened up real quick and all was good.

Hubbs had something planned for me (I know, I know, I know...I do not deserve this). A ride in a 17-C (spelled backwards). Yeah, he do rock. It was family weekend at the esab (spelled backwards) and that was a perk for spouses. An hour and a half ride down and up the Oregon coastline. Beautiful. I took a bazillion pictures, but figured it was maybe not such a good idea to post them. I looked so cute in those headphones too, but safety and security and all, probably not a good idea. That plane is flipping huge. It's like flying a building. Seriously. Very impressive. And that whole men in uniform didn't hurt one bit either. On a serious note's a very, very important plane too. Very. I can't imagine what those people see and do daily. But I will say, it's very, very much needed. And appreciated in a very big way.

So that was cool. I love the idea too that while I was flying, the girls were with dad at work. A bring your kid to work sort of thing. Though hubbs was the only one doing it. The girls were so excited to see all the sreidlos (spelled backwards--sorry). Though they've been living the yratilim (spelled backwards--sorry) life all their lives up until this last year, we never lived on a esab (spelled backwards--sorry) with them. So seeing all those uniforms was pretty exciting for them. Plus I think they are both old enough now to notice and comment on it all. They were cracking me up pointing to everyone everywhere we went. And being with dad at work was just about the coolest thing--ever. Momma is so not cool next to this.

Funny little story here...when we were going in the esab (spelled backwards--how annoying is this?) my daughter was taking pictures with her little (pink) Fisher Price camera. She wanted to remember everything for when we went back home. At the gate she was taking pics and the gate guard got very serious and asked me if that camera really took pics. So we got into a little trouble. Delete-delete-delete--so yeah, I'm so not lying about the pics. That's why I'm being such a freak about not putting pics up (which is just killing me, cuz I literally took like 100 of the plane--and I loooove the pics!) and spelling everything backwards.

So after that adventure we did a lot of this--

The second coolest thing--ever--next to going to work with dad--hotel swimming pools. And yes, this was the clean hotel. This would have never happened at the charming, free hotel.

And yes, I made my mother-in-law proud and spent a good chunk of change at the yrasimmoc (spelled backwards) on groceries and "essentials". It is amazing how much money I can spend when I don't even want to.

So there's that. Then the rest of the week up until now was spent taking care of Baby Girl. I took care of her full-time last year and though we're not taking care of her this year, we've gotten a little attached to her. So you can bet the girls and I were thrilled that her Momma needed us to take care of her for a couple days. I totally want one. Shhhhh, don't tell hubby!

She is completely lovable. And she is totally attached to us too. Oh, I love that! I'm getting all melty thinking about it. I mean--look at her!

(Meeeeelt). And she and Miley-girl were good buds.

And she helped me out with my girls--

She really got a kick out of this!

So it's been a pretty good and fun week. Hubby and I had a good laugh last night after putting the girls to bed. You just never know what our kids are going to do. I think that's good and true for all kiddos. We like to joke that's it's a good thing our kiddos are so darn cute with all the challenges they give us. You know, there is just always something going on when you're a parent. And of course all the good out weighs all the um...challenging. So it's great when you see the way cute.

So I know a lot of your kiddos out there have like a little security thing they need when they go to bed. A little lovey. A stuffed animal, blankie...I have a girlfriend whose son's security thing was a firetruck. A big ol' honkin' metal firetruck. Bigger than he was. And yes, he slept with it in his crib. I flipping love that. Now, my kiddos didn't really have that. We tried and tried to get them to latch onto something other than--me, a.k.a. Giant Pacifier. When my oldest was a wee babe, she actually got quite attached to my hair. At first I thought it was so cute how she would take my hair and rub it up against her cheek, as I bounced (and bounced and bounced) her to sleep. So precious. Then I realized how very, very attached she became to that. My hair. She had to have my hair to go to sleep. I have another girlfriend whose son got attached to her ear. He had to rub her ear. So yeah...always choose a blankie or something not attached to your body, if at all possible. Even if it's a firetruck. Truly makes life easier.

But like I said, my girlies never really got attached to something like that for the long run. They are all about the night lights and music (my oldest prefers country) to lull them to sleep now. But once in a while they surprise us. Insert pic of A-girl last night...

Heeelloooo, Hello Kitty ear muffs. Yeah. How flipping cute is that?

Okay, you're good and caught up now. You can thank me later. I feel better now. I seriously get the itch to be on here now in a very big way when I can't be. That's good, right? Thanks for bearing with me and my rambling ways. I really do try to keep it short and sweet, but it just might not be in me. So if you stuck with me through this, I thank you from the bottom of my long-winded heart. If I could, I'd reward you with um...chocolate cake. How about chocolate cake?

But for now...until we meet again.

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Dee said...

love all the pics. Glad you had a good yadiloh (backwards). ha ha, I am paranoid now...what should I spell backwards...

As for comfort toys.... don't encourage! I could fill a whole blog with the adventures and misadventures of miss 5's "Woof". I am grey because of him..... if he ever gets lost permanently.....
there are some pics of him in some of the zoo photos.