Sunday, August 17, 2008


So we're back to talking about the vacation. I swear, we did go home at some point. Does this feel like the loooongest vacation ever? It was. In a good way. It did for us what vacations are "supposed" to do. Somehow, the four of us being together 24/7 for almost two weeks straight didn't do us in. We're still talking to each other. Before you go on, you might want to read, Come And Knock On My Doooooooor... , just to catch up.

Time for Legoland. I tell you what, this is the kind of place that if you "live within the vicinity" you must have a season pass to. It was so fun. Every time I tell someone we went there, they say, "Isn't it just a bunch of stuff made out of Legos?" Yes! It totally is, BUT there are lots of rides and an amazing water area (you know with the humongous bucket that continually fills up with water and eventually spills over, drenching everyone within a block?). Water works, sprinklers in a splash pad, a log ride. Basically, bring a towel.

There were these cool pirate ships you go on and you blast other pirate ships with water from the cannons in your ship. And fire trucks. They had fire truck races. Basically your family (or group) races other families (in their own fire trucks) to a "burning building" and the first family (firetruck) to get the "fire" out wins. Like the parents pedal the fire truck to the burning building (as fast as you can) and the kiddos squirt the water out of the hose up at the burning building. Everybody works together. Very interactive. Very clever. Very fun. One of the girls' favorites was this mini-city/driving course where they could drive their own car, complete with their own break and gas petal. They got to pretend they were driving through a little city, with stop lights and stop signs. They loved this. I would have loved this one too...if I could fit in the car.

It was just my speed. I mean, my girls' speed. Well all of us. Hubby loved this place too. It was his idea to go here, despite my (Legoland? Isn't Disney enough for ya? Are we made of money, or what? bit). He insisted (I could write a whole post, maybe three on how sentimental my hubby gets when you talk about Legos). I don't know if it was just the two days of rest we had before going that made the huge difference, but it was just an awesome, awesome day. I could almost. Almost. Almost say that I liked it better than Disneyland. Don't hate me. I think it was the rest. I swear. Legoland was pretty low-key. Not as crowded. The lines were a million times shorter and there was this wonderful ocean breeze going on that lowered the temperature about ten degrees. Plus the girls wanted to ride ALL the rides. And I could handle them too. No motion sickness--even on The Dragon--the roller coaster. If you have kids, go. I'm not going to mention the fact that my hubby went there one time by himself when he was down there for work. Research.

I don't want to describe all the rides (though my love of pictures will give you an idea). Just trust me on this one. Your kids will have a blast and so. will. you.

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