Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And now...Something Random

Just a quick random thought for you about Coldplay. I know! I can't stop talking about them. I'm in a bit of a Coldplay kick (oh, you noticed?).

Yesterday, as I was running errands, I was listening to XM channel 51...and they are still doing "30 days of Coldplay". I.just.can't.get.enough. Anyway...they are playing the Viva tour (the concert) and they are singing "Fix You". And there's a point where Chris Martin stops singing and just lets the audience sing. I flipping love to hear the audience sing like that at concerts (and in church). I would imagine that would be a huge highlight as a musician, to hear an audience of thousands singing something you wrote. Every time I hear an audience sing like that, it again reminds me of what Heaven is going to be and sound like. I mean, I think we'll actually be doing stuff up there, but I think we'll be singing like that too. Anyway, this is where my thoughts go.

That and that Gwyneth is one lucky lady. I mean, I'm not complaining...I've got a hubby that will paint my toenails for goodness sakes. But I bet Chris Martin is not beyond painting Gwyneth's toenails while singing to her.


Jenny said...

I LOVE Coldplay!!!!!
They are played constantly in my kitchen at the moment - even the kids know all the lyrics now.

Sunshine said...

I noticed that! :) Saw your playlist! Just one of the things I have in common with a little lady over in Australia! Ha ha!

We've been listening to them CONSTANTLY lately. I *need* to see them in concert!

I love their song, "Fix You" too...*sigh* So.many.good.songs.

P.S. Thanks for stopping by! ;D

Dee said...

I had to mention this, my computer is trying to play your song list while I read, its coming out a word at a time, little E is laying on the bed , repeating each word as it comes through... so funny.

Sunshine said...

Dee--Sorry about that, though it did make a funny story for you to tell about your girl...ha ha...too cute!

Hillary said...

Now Sunshine, I bet Chris would paint your toenails while singing "Bet On It" to you if he could hold his hand steady enough while jumping off rocks around the golf course. Of course you'd have to manage to hop along behind him on one foot, too. But I'm sure he'd do it. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? Peers look at him and say, "What are you DOING?"

I think he could handle it. In fact, I'd BET ON IT.