Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bet On It, Baby!

I'm taking a little break of writing about the vacation, mostly cuz I feel *you* probably need a break. AND it's time for a funny story.

Enter hubby. He's always good for a funny story. This is one of the big reasons I like-like him. He tends to make me laugh. And strangers too.

As you probably know, we have two little girls. Two little highly impressionable little girls who have latched on to all things Disney channel--a fact I would like to credit to my 25-yr-old sis, who introduced them to High School Musical about a year ago. My sis and I share a love of high school teenie bop movies. We literally had a count down going on for the premiere of High School Musical. My sis came over and it was one of those, "Everybody BE QUIET...the movie's on!" deals.

We were hooked. It was love at first sight for all of us girlies. And hubby was there too--the good daddy he is. Supporting the arts and all.

So, over the last year, we've watched and listened to a lot of High School Musical 1 and 2 (and yes, we are in countdown mode to the 3rd one). We listened to the soundtrack a lot on our vacation road trip. Probably a little too much.

I'm gonna enter hubby again here...cuz now, it really is all about him. So, last week hubby was in Phoenix--"working". Basically, it just sounded like he played golf the entire time--"for work". So, he calls me one night and tells me, "You won't believe what I did today..." I had to sit down, cuz I knew this would be good. Or bad, in a funny way.

Let me just say that hubby is not a golfer. Soccer, yes. Golf, no. He has now played golf in the last year WAY more than he ever did the 11 years he was in the air force. And they do play golf "for work" in the air force. You just needed to know that before I go on.

So, he's out there playing golf. He is playing with "real" golfers. They are good. And serious. They are playing on this beautiful golf course in Phoenix. You should also probably know that it was 114 degrees that day.

Hubby goes on to tell me that the golf course is exactly like the one in High School Musical 2, right down to the rocks and everything (see, these are the things we think about). And at some point in the day, as they are walking through the course, hubby just breaks out in song and dance. He literally acts out the scene in HSM2 where Zac Efron is singing "Bet On It". It's a very dramatic scene in the movie where 'Troy' is "very frustrated" and running through the golf course, climbing rocks and singing to his reflection in the water. It's very Kevin Bacon in Footloose, you know where he's running through the rail yard, dancing his booty off. Yes, very similar.

So, hubby TOTALLY busts it out just out of nowhere on the course in front of all these guys he works with. Pretty much sings and acts out the entire scene. He climbed the rocks very dramatically and purposeful. I think he sang to his golf ball.

Their reaction, you ask? It went a little something like this:

What are you DOING?!

Do you need some water?

Basically they have NO IDEA what the heck this man is doing. They don't know who Zac Efron is or what High School Musical is. All they see is Crazy Man singing to his golf ball.

Hubby tries to explain. Don't you have little kids?! He explains the whole thing, trying to recover. Yes, he really COULD use some water, etc...Yeah, apparently, they aren't counting down to HSM3 like some of us are.

So basically, hubby gave them a great amount of material to use at the Christmas party this year. And a very funny story for me to blog about and tell the world! And don't worry, despite what hubby tells you...he loves this. He loves the fact that my good friend, Hill (Hillary's Hmmmmmmm...), photo-shopped his face to Zac Efron's body. He loves it. Because, he IS a flipping funny guy. That what he do. He's so lucky I adore this about him. So very lucky.

And for your viewing pleasure...Zac.

And Kevin...


Hillary said...

I suddenly wish I was a caddy in Phoenix. ::sigh::

You didn't tell me about singing to his golf ball, girlie. That takes it up yet another notch on the hilaritiometer.

I think I might herniate something laughing so hard.

Sunshine said...

Hill--Ha ha...yeah he admitted after I told you. Ha're right, that *really* does bring it up a notch! ;D

mummy said...

Oh bless!!! Bwahahahaha- tell him he's made me giggle in the UK!!!

Sunshine said...

Hey Mummy,
I just checked out your bloggie and I'm preeetty sure I know you. Am I right, am I right? Gimme a hint. :)

Hubbs will LOVE the fact that someone was laughing at him in the UK. Truly.

Please come back...I *love* your accent! ;D

Dee said...

You have such a great hubby. At least he can blame it on heatstroke... :)

Sunshine said...

Dee--Yes, we'll just stick with that story! ;D

Mamahut said...

That my dear is a pretty funny story. I probably would pay money to see someone do that ;D Thanks for stopping by.

careysue said...

Check out my won something! :)

Sunshine said...

mamahut--don't give my hubby any ideas...;D And *thank you* for stopping by!

Sunshine said...

Careysue--NO WAY!!! Iamsoexcited!!!


Lex the mom said...

Ahhh - you ahve a fun hubby! Mine would never do that in public, but he always does it at home. I keep threatening to tape him & putting it on my blog. His response is always - "You won't, OH NO you won't!" I think that's a dare...

I gave you an award - I know corny, but I don't deserve one and you do! Drop by & see.

Sunshine said...

Lex--that is FOR SURE a dare. And I've already tried to tape my hubby with my cell phone. Just a little tip there for you.

And thanks for the award. It is SO not corny! NOW I have to live up to it though. I think I can...I think I can...