Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aaaand...We're Home

Back to the va-cay...This is what I said last we talked about it--Legoland--and if you keep on keeping on reading, you'll find Keanu Reeves somewhere in the mix. No lie.

So after San Diego, it was time to head out and up...back to Oregon. Home. But first! San Francisco! Again, never been, so we were totally looking forward to seeing it. Hubby's grandfather (mom's side) was born there. True Story. He was in the Navy. Hubbs grandmother met him when he was in the Navy. I like to picture that it was just like one of those post cards you see of the guy in the navy uniform (just after he got off the ship) embracing his girl, his "doll", and laying a very romantic kiss on her, cuz it's been six months since he's seen her. And they are soooo iiiin loooove. So romantic. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Where am I?

Oh yes, San Francisco! So as we're making our grand entrance into SF, we have to cross a bridge. We're totally excited, cuz we think it's the Golden Gate. It's huge. I'm not a fan of bridges. Okay, they're just fiiine from far away, but driving on them, not my favorite. This one is a toll bridge too. we have quarters? We are so prepared. Hubby goes in the carpool line and stops to put the money in we've scrounged up at the very last minute and we actually get honked at for stopping. Our first honk of the trip. Hubby's trying to figure out where to put it and there's no place to put it. We get honked at again. Stressed, he just takes off. Doesn't pay...this is where I start to freak out. You didn't pay! Are they going to let us off the bridge? (it's okay to laugh hysterically at me here, cuz this is real life people! These ARE my thoughts) We're going to jail! I can't believe you didn't pay! We're chopped liver! All the while hubby is ignoring, even though I can see that vein popping out on his forehead. That little warning for me to zip it already. So instead of talking, I sweat and wait the next four miles of the bridge. I'm thinking the Golden Gate bridge ain't so hot.

Turns out, we didn't have to pay, a perk of the carpool lane. And that wasn't the Golden Gate bridge. It was one of like four we drove over before we went on the Golden Gate. So it was of much relief that we didn't have to spend the night in jail. Instead we stay downtown. In the city. From where we are, all you see is city. No bay. Like I said, hubby has coordinated where we stay so that it's within walking distance of the nearest brew pub. So instead of the bay, we got brew. I'll give this one to hubbs though, given what an freak I was on the bridge.

I've decided I am just not a city girl. Sorry folks. I try. I really do try. I know there are many, many of you out there that are, but I prefer wide open spaces. Grass. Water. Horses. Cows. Trees. Big red barns. God's Country. Even though I live in suburbia, it's my dream, mmmk? As cool as the girls from Sex & The City ain't my thing. I'm a flip flop...preferably barefoot kind of girl. Not a good idea to walk around without shoes in the city.

So we took pics from our hotel room of other buildings. For a second there, I did try to think how cool it would be to be Carrie Bradshaw for one day. A single writer living in the coolest apartment ever, forever dating Big, great clothes, great hair and a major love of high heels, with the legs to go with them. I did think that for a second or I tried. What we did do was walk three blocks to, 21st Amendment, hubby's brewery of choice for the evening. Good times, good times. They have watermelon a can. It's the new thing.

Oh hey...a celebrity was "in the house" too--a famed record producer and D.J. (can't remember his name--sorree), but I guess back in the day he worked with Notorious B.I.G. and P. Diddy. Back in the day. I tried to Google his name and everything, but I don't have skills. Anyhoo...we saw him. How cool was that? I'm sorry I have no idea...I'm just a wanna-be country girl.

So next day...we actually did go over the Golden Gate bridge. It was pretty cool. Huge. No tolls. And once we got out of the city, I could actually see the bay and the little bay communities surrounding and the hills and San Francisco was actually really pretty. From the other side of the bridge. I would totally have a vacation home there (i laugh). I have a thing for the beach life too. Little beach towns too. The city looked really pretty, from far away too. The bay was never ending blue. Next time we travel a-this-a-way, we are staying someplace on the water. That's all there is to it. We didn't go down to the Fisherman's Wharf, or be tourists or anything, cuz we were in "going home" mode by this point. Totally different from "going on vacation" mode. We were in the zone. On that mission to get home. Only stopping for bathrooms and food.

We did pass San Quentin. I'm kind of surprised a prison is right next to something so absolutely beautiful. But I guess, the bad guys don't really get to experience that beauty right on the other side of the wall. That has to be pretty hard. Goes along with the whole prison philosophy. See where my thoughts go? Totally needed to get out of the car, didn't I?

So our next stop was Medford, Oregon. Dinner at the Wild River Brewing and Pizza Pub. I know. It's ridiculous, right? Well, it's way, way, way better than Mc'D's and Subway. We basically had dinner, swam in the hotel pool and off to dreamland. Cuz that's what we do. A real bang at the end there, right? Way to end the vacation. Honestly, it was just right for us.

The only thing that stands out to me driving from Medford to Portland the next day was how very loopy and anxious we were getting to get out of the car already. I don't mean, just out to walk around and stretch the legs, but out of the car--for days preferably. Coldplay took us home too. And again, with the High School Musical soundtracks...gotta please the girls in the back seat. There is one point where that song, "Bet On It"--yes, again with the "Bet On It" (see Bet On It, Baby!) comes on and hubby is driving and all of a sudden, I see him banging on his chest and totally acting like a gorilla. Cuz this is what this song reminds him of now. He's totally acting like a monkey...flailing his arms over his head, making monkey noises to the beat of the song. I know you TOTALLY had to be there. But this is what being in the car for almost two weeks does to you (We all do this, right?). It was great. And from now on when I hear this song this is what I picture. Good times. Good times were had by our car. Good vac-ay.


Rena said...

Hey Sunshine! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm enjoying your story here, especially the part about going over the bridge. I'm new to this blogging stuff, so bear with me.

Sunshine said...

Hi Rena! You're gonna loooove blogland! And congrats on the book! Don't forget the little people! :)

Dee said...

Too funny, I hate tolls. We have ezytoll here, where you go through a lane with a pre bought beeper thing, that beeps when you pass under it, if you dont have the beeper, and go in that lane, you get a huge fine, our trips are alway like, have you got the money (for the pay lane)?! give it to me!, your in the wrong lane! thats the ezy toll! I dropped the money! Dont get out! Just get more!Look out that trucks about to swipe us!! get the pic?

Jenny said...

Watermelon brew??? Sounds bizzare but worth a try.