Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's Your Name Again?

Did you see my blog post from yesterday--HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!? Well not my blog post, as my hubbs somehow got in here (and scared the beans outta me) and blogged an anniversary post for me. That guy is real funny. I tell ya, that's what'll keep you together--the funny. He did good though. The wife is pleased.

Today at Jazzercise, my beautiful girlfriend (we will call her Chery), told me she had seen my hubbs post, and that when she saw the pic he posted of him and I, she thought I looked like Ashley Judd, you know, with the short hair and everything. I really want to see it, but try as I might, I just don't see it. It did occur to me that that isn't the first time I've heard someone say that.

(I had a hard time finding one that I thought I might look like, cuz she is Ashley Judd. So I went for one that looked "normal"--well, normal for Ashley Judd.)

Now I tend to get the, "Is your name?" a lot. I usually remind people of someone they know--their kiddo's teacher, their cousin, the girl working the McDonald's counter...that sort of thing. I think I have a very "average" look about me. I blend in.

My hubbs is another story. We once had someone ask if he was this minor league baseball player who we had never heard of, but they totally thought it was him. They were thisclose to asking for an autograph. I've heard he looks like Anthony Wiggle and then there's the whole Robert Downey Jr. bit. He gets that a lot, which I totally agree with. He looks like Robert Downey Jr. on a good day. A good day for Robert. Plus, those eyelashes of his, draw people--women--in. So yeah, he doesn't blend so much.


Back to Ashley Judd though. When we still lived in Texas, I got in a minor car accident backing out of a parking spot at a movie theater (not my fault, I swear), and the cop that came to assist, took my license and gave me the whole double-take. A few times. He kept looking at my license and then back at me. I was thisclose to getting nervous on top of my already nervous, when he said, "I thought you were Ashley Judd. You really look like Ashley Judd." Don't you just love the "really"? Really. He must've been a fan. How nice it was to leave there without a ticket and a story to blog about five years later. Thank you, Ashely Judd.

(If I were to really look like her, this is probably what I would look like. I think she was recovering from surgery in this pic. But the texting is pretty accurate. Mmmmhmmmm...)

(And this is what I would want to look like if I were to look like her. True.)


Dee from Downunder said...

I can sort of see it... maybe you should get a job as a body double!

Hillary said...

To make myself sound TOTALLY out of it, I only know "Ashley Judd" by name. Even with the photos you posted of her, I wouldn't readily recognize her. But if enough people think you look like her, then I'd say you must look like her.



Rena said...

I see it too. In fact, when your husband posted that pic, I had to look at it 2 or 3 times. You look so different there. Maybe it was because you were without glasses and I think I've only seen pics of you with them on. Great story about the cop thinking you were Ashley.

People have told me I look like Ally Sheedy and Melissa Gilbert. One lady told me she thought I looked like Ann-Margret. Yeahrightsure! My hair was really red at the time and she was old and probably on prescriptions. ;)

Dee from Downunder said...

oh, and that pic of the hubbs.... scary! LOL

Sunshine said...

Thanks for the comments, girlies! And Dee, I'm just gonna LAUGH at the "body double" comment. LAUGH MY ARSE OFF!