Monday, June 15, 2009

Kind of Like A Song

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the coast. I did a little shopping, albeit mostly window shopping, but I usually gravitate toward this little boutique called, Josephine's, in Cannon Beach. The inside of the store is very pink and black, girly, has lots of sweet little sparkly things to pick up and hold in your hand, and it smells delicious.

I'm not that girly-girl, but once in a while...I am. For instance, I don't wear a lot of perfume, but occasionally, the mood strikes. It struck at Josephine's. I found this brand of perfume, called Tokyo Milk. Wonderful flavors like, I Want Candy, Dead Sexy, Let Them Have Cake, Honey and the Moon, and the one I am especially fond of--Paper & Cotton.

The bottles themselves are like little treats themselves, and how can you not love those names (this should be my job in real life--naming perfume)? But it is the "...fresh sexy blend of coriander, white sage, birch wood and tundra moss" of Paper & Cotton that is the real prize for me. Good things come in little square, glass bottles.

The gentleman (true story) working the store, could see from across the room that I was enjoying myself and in a French accent (which is very strange, but wonderful all at once to hear at the Oregon coast), came over and paused to (sell) share the many delights of Tokyo Milk. Well, the many delights of perfume, really. He gave me a lesson, right then and there. In a French accent. You totally know I bought the perfume in the end, right?

But it was more than the accent. It was more than the fact of how I now know that perfume stays on your body longer versus cologne, because the oils are not diluted with water (thus cologne is less expensive). It was more than what he said about how it makes all the difference in the world where you wear the perfume on your body, given that the scent (vapor) goes up, so you want to wear the perfume say, on your (ahem) inner thighs, your belly, or your chest. Not so much your neck, or even your wrists (as you will surely wash it off in no time). You want it to linger.

I found all of that interesting (when said with a French accent). But what was really fascinating is that when you purchase a perfume, every time you wear it, the scent will take you back to what mood you were in when you purchased it. If you feel depressed or down when you buy it, when you wear it, you'll probably feel exactly that. Even though he could see that I was obviously going to buy perfume from him that day, he advised me not to buy it if I was feeling sad or mad (who me?). On the flip side, if you are feeling silly, happy, sexy, or in love, it will take you right back to that feeling. Kind of like a song. How interesting is that?! Let's just say when I wear it, it will most definitely take me back to a good place.


Rena said...

Sounds like Mr. Frenchman's hook worked wonders. Not that I'd blame you -- I'd have done the same thing. And the description of that perfume sounds wonderful!

Very cool name for the store too. Josephine is such a romantic name. That's the code name for Nikita in that old TV show. Michael says it with his French accent -- sigh!

ibendorf said...


Just found your blog-- I'll be in Portland next month. Any must-see recommendations for vintage stores or other cool things?

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