Monday, June 22, 2009


Howdy Sunny-blog fans! Chris here… “guest-blogging,” if you will, on the occasion of this fine Monday morning. So why am I blogging you ask? That’s an easy one… Today’s our 13th Wedding Anniversary!

I thought about just sending a card, but then I should have thought about that this time LAST week. Oops. Then there’s the big 13th Anniversary gift … that’s, well, still at the store…waiting…to be…picked out. Yeah, DOUBLE-oops. Okay, so you know I’ll call today, but that’s a big “YEAH-me” too…not. But then I read Sunny’s awesome blog yesterday for Father’s day. (And Thanks hun, I REALLY needed that.)

So I thought to myself…”Self, you know what says Love? Hacking in to your wif’s blog and posting a big HAPPY 13th ANNIVERSARY! Now THAT…says LOVE!” Yes, I’m thinking folks that’s a big-old shot of LOVE. Better than Rock of Love, without the catfights and bandanas. It’s potentially a big-old shot of STALKING too, but I think only in the state of California…and maybe New York…but we’re in neither, so I should be good. I think.

So Hun, here’s to you…and us. Thanks for 13 GREAT years together (married!) … and for 2 AWESOME squirrels … for the great times, and the laughs, and the trips home from the hospital… from spider bites to big flaming “balls of gas” (both of which resulted in laughing doctors – not cool – and medication) … from months apart halfway around the world, to days in the car on zig-zagging cross-country moves … from Pet Shop Boys on the answering machine, to 1 (okay, 20) too many Wiggles concerts … from way too many beer glasses, to wayyyyy to many nick-knacks, paddy-whacks, candles, and Americana … there’s noone … no, NO-ONE whom I’d rather share these years – and the many years to come (as I'll eventually end up like my favorite guy from Carlsbad ... see below)– than with you. Love you Sunshine Buzo, and Happy 13th Anniversary!!!

Oh, and yes, we will celebrate SOON!! OK, that’s it…back to your regularly scheduled blog …and I’m sure I’ve dredged up enough stories to keep you busy writing 5-lines for the next few days… ;)

P.s. – I REALLY hope you were reading this with Lil’ John yelling in the background, because, really folks – EVERYTHING goes better with a little “YEEEEE-AHHHHHH-UHH!” in the background. Try it. I’m SOO serious.



Sunshine said...

Oh my GOSH, you are *such* a STALKER! Scared the crap out of me!

And THEN, I was like...COOLEST THING EVER! Good thinking. THAT was quite clever, mister! And you said it ALL (serisously, you mentioned the spider bite?)!

Thanks for all the good stuff and sticking through the crazy stuff. You know I love you and am proud to say--we've been together foooooreeeeever! xoxo

rebecca marie said...


Rena said...

This is awesome!

Congrats you two!

Liesl said...

Happy anniversary for you and for us. To many years of happiness!



Hillary said...

Awww, you two are as cute as Ceci! ;)

Happy Anniversary!

Jennifer P. said...

two sweet posts in row! You two are obviously in love...and making me just a little sick (hee hee :) ).

Congratulations and hope the years ahead just keep getting happier and happier!

Dee from Downunder said...

Great anniversay pressie there Mr.


Sunshine said...

Thanks peeps! And sorry for the nausea, Jennifer. That is so not cool of me. ;D