Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Okay, five lines.

Happy Father's Day to all of you dads out there! And I know some good ones. Especially, my babies' daddy!

It's funny looking back at the pre-kiddos era with the hubbs. The second we got married, I wanted babies. Well, to be honest, probably since I was about fourteen, I've wanted the babies. Four boys to be exact. But since MY dad was such a good daddy, I managed not to do that.

The hubbs was totally not ready for the babies when we first got married. He managed to make me wait--for five years. He had a plan for us to enjoy just the "him and me" and be more financially secure (yada, yada, yada...). Looking back, it was a smart move, but man did I ever want the babies. He did get me a puppy though.

Don't tell him, but I think the hubbs was scared of the whole kiddo thing. He couldn't imagine how good he'd be at it. I knew though. I had a glimpse into that even before we were married.

I have a brother twenty years younger than me--Caleb. He was and is a wonderful surprise. The hubbs and I were dating when my parents announced they were pregnant--he was sitting at the dinner table, shocked with the rest of us. Caleb was supposed to be born on my birthday. He came two months early. Caleb had to stay in the hospital quite a while and all of us would take shifts and go be with him, hold him. It was important that Caleb be held a lot at the hospital. He thrived on the interaction, the touch. Well, on more than a few occasions, the hubbs (when he was still a non-hubbs), would go to the hospital, all by himself and hold Caleb.

Let me just take this up a few notches too and give you a little more info--I wasn't even dating my hubbs when Caleb was born. We were "on a break", just starting to be friends again (which is a miracle and a blog in itself). What does that say? I know, right? Break over.

So, you see, I knew he'd be a great dad. He's the dad that as soon as he walks in the door (after an endless day at work, or traveling from D.C. to Portland, or just a trip to the Home Depot), the volume goes up ten notches and the girls are hanging off of him like monkeys. And he's good with that. Since day one, he has been right there, in it with me. The good and the challenging. The nights of negative sleep. The diapers. The all night ER visits. The Chuck E. Cheese. The dress up. The shrilling. The discipline. The Wiggle concerts. The Candyland. The dance recitals. The whining. The coloring. The princess movies. The bedtimes. The pancakes. The list goes on for miles. For years. Forever.

What was I thinking? Five lines? Totally not enough.


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