Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder about my music selection on my music player? Cuz sometimes I lay in bed at night and wonder if you wonder about that.

I feel like I need to explain, cuz it is ever-changing over here and you might be confused, repulsed, and wanting to understand the WHY IN THE WORLD of why I would choose the songs I do. Granted, I do think I pick some crowd pleasing ones from time to time. But I KNOW some of you are like WOAH, lately. You've gotta be. I understand. Don't worry though, I'll move on to something else before you know it (though it tends to go full circle). It's a complicated thing, the music. I'm a complicated girl (or very, very not complicated). But let me try to explain...

I like to dance. There. I could really just stop right there. But I won't. Do you know me at all? I've got the music in me. It's a gift. I started young with the dance--the ballet, jazz, tap. There might have been some breakin'. And I can clog (but don't you dare tell a soul). I dabbled. It's very rare, that I hear a song and don't have to move a part of my body at some point...even if it's just a slight toe tap. In my head, I'm usually choreographing.

Did I ever tell you that I once had dreams of being a Fly Girl? Remember that show In Living Color? Yeah. For reals. I had big dreams. For a minute I was on dance team, in school too. Though we might've just been called POMS. We had very large pom poms. Dancing was a huge extra-curricular, until I was like 23. It's also why I could live on Snickers bars back in the day and not look like I lived on Snickers bars (true story). And I am jealous--today--that my 26-year-old sister is trying out to be a Blazer dancer next month. I'm her biggest fan, but I'm a little green with the envy. Little bit.

I get a lot of songs from Jazzercise too. I actually pretend I'm a Blazer dancer there. It's totally not exercise, don't even try to tell me, cuz then I wouldn't go.

Does that explain all the hip hop? The bass? There has been a lot of that lately (though that is what Blazer dancers dance to). No? Well, I did my best. Please don't remind me that I am 36. Don't do it.

The rest of it, the songs (the ones without Lil' John screaming in the background)...well, it just has to do with where I am at the moment. I get some good stuff up there. But don't be surprised (you've been warned) if you come over and I have an entire John Denver set list going. Van Halen could totally make the cut. Hey--it could be Wiggles. I'm not even lying, that is so possible. Oooh, oooh, oooh-- church hymns...yes, it could happen. There will, however, be no Garth Brooks. I love country music though, just not that guy.

Just don't let the music keep you from coming. I know it doesn't seem like maybe the music matches the blog at times, but if you get to reading, you'll see that my posts are a lot like the music--ever-changing. You just never know what you're gonna get. And, you can always turn the music player off. But where's the fun in that? (smile)


Jen said...

"We had very large pom poms." I'm sorry, but that sentence made me snort coffee. :)

I like an unusual variety of music too, but not everything makes me NEED to move--which is actually a good thing, or I'd fall even MORE.

Rena said...

You always have a fun selection of songs. My iPod is pretty varied too. I rarely put it on shuffle because one minute an AC/DC song will be on, followed by, "HI! WE'RE THE WIGGLES!" I never know what's going to come up.

Anonymous said...

I never have the sound on my computer on.....but I wanted to say I am a HUGE John Denver fan : ) I have LOADS of his songs on my ipod...

I like to think of my taste in music as eclectic,

Anonymous said...

K. So I just have to say that from day one of me reading your blog you have now become my favorite playlist! It is even boarderline stalker like....I leave your blog up while I clean or just when I need a great pick me up...and because I just really miss you!

Hillary said...

Oh dear. I'm a party pooper. I am. There, I admitted it. I always turn the music off on webpages. I am not a multi-tasker. I LOVE music, but I can't read and listen to music at the same time, so I turn it off.

Oh...and I WISH I could dance. ;)