Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let Me Tell You What Its All About

Around 12:30 this morning, I was just drifting off to sleep when out of nowhere, Michael Jackson's P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) started playing in my backyard. Well, not my backyard, but from somewhere in the vicinity. Neighbors, somewhere. A party. I imagined people moonwalking in the grass, tapping their fingers on the side of the hot tub. Then they turned it up even more. That's a really long song. I didn't even mind. I kept the windows open.

Friday, my sister brought me a white chocolate mocha, a thank you for taking over her babysitting shift at Jazzercise this weekend. She pulled into the driveway, blaring Jackson Five's, ABC, a local radio station doing an all day tribute. We stayed in the driveway, with our mocha's, until the song was over.

Yesterday, I went over to my parents' house, and friends of theirs stopped by. Within minutes we were reminiscing about hanging Michael Jackson album covers on our walls as kids, and sitting in front of MTV counting down the hour until they showed his video again.

I've been watching a lot of Michael Jackson's videos with my girls. They've heard his music via dance class and Guitar Hero, but I guess they had never seen him before. They were amazed, shocked, and confused all at once when they saw him--That's Michael Jackson? I don't know what they were expecting, but I'm pretty sure it was closer to a Jonas Brothers video. It was even more mind boggling to them comparing earlier Michael Jackson videos to later. How do you explain that? I just kept turning the conversation back to his dancing--Look girls, he's on his toes!

I don't know what my point is on the blog today, except to talk about what we're all talking about anyway. What else is there? Don't answer that. This time last week, I would have never guessed this is what I would be doing, near-consumed with today. It's quite the event. I'm really surprised where the last few days have taken me. I'm sad. I don't even have a CD of his. I guess I'm not really that surprised. It's what you do when someone you admire in some way dies.

If Michael Jackson could see us now, right?

**Little warning...the link below is from the movie, Clerks II, which is hilarious, but maybe not the most appropriate for the kiddos. Not bad, but you know...It's Clerks.


Jen said...

I've been going through that same range of emotions the past few days. Yesterday I found a showcase of his videos on TiVo and showed them to my mom, who remembers him best from his little boy Jackson 5 days. Say what you will about the guy's personal life, but there's no denying the impact he made on the music world. He was a genius. An artist.

I have Thriller and Dangerous on CD. Somehow I missed Bad and whatever came after Dangerous. I have Off the Wall and Jackson 5 stuff on cassette somewhere (and no way to play it!). I want to fill in all the gaps in my personal collection of Michael Jackson discography because knowing there won't be any more... it's just such a tragedy.

Like you, I'm going to remember him from my younger days of listening to his music over and over, hanging his picture on my wall, etc. I'd like to forget the past 10-15 years of the other stuff.

Thank you for writing. I haven't blogged about this topic yet because I haven't sorted out my thoughts well enough. You did a great job. Can I share your brain?


Sunshine said...

Aw Jen! Thanks for the stop by and nice comments! I'm glad you can relate. I thought about not posting all my Michael Jackson thoughts, but then thought...WHY THE FLIP NOT?! I guess I just have to get it out. Can't really narrow it down to why, but I do.

And yes, I'm totally fine with sharing my brain, as long as you let me borrow yours off and on too. :)

Rena said...

I'm surprised how sad I have been to. Not a huge fan, but he was an icon. You just don't get that status easily.

Jenny said...

When one of my kids saw him on a news report, their comment was, "Ïsn't that a woman!?!"

Dee from Downunder said...

Ahh, my girls though MJ was a little scary - proably that Thriller clip they keep showing did not help LOL. He was a showman though, and great music - can't be denied.