Friday, June 19, 2009

First Things First (But Immediately After)

Ooooh, typing with my new french tipped finger nails is so. much. better.

Anyway...I have been waiting for this weekend for weeks. Not because it's Father's Day weekend, not because it's my anniversary coming up, but because it's community garage sale weekend. I know. It's been on my calendar, written in purple, circled and underlined three times, since April. So, what am I doing blogging at 7:54 a.m.? Let me tell you...

My kids are still sleeping. Remember I blogged about this yesterday? Yeah. not wake those kids up. BUT the big thing is Jazzercise. I'm okay with skipping once in a while (even though I feel like I instantly gain five pounds in the backside region), but yesterday, my 8-year-old jazzercised with me. If you know the girl at all, this is no small thing--it's blog worthy.

She's usually in school when I'm jazzercising, but it's summer and she is officially too big to be in the "baby room". She usually just sits and watches, which is soooo entertaining to an 8-year-old. I've been given the dagger eyes enough to know. So I've been trying to convince her to jazzercise with me (notice I keep spelling out "jazzercise" instead of "exercise"). I encourage, It's just like dance class. You know the grapevine AND kick-ball-chain. But she's my serious, observant child. She has to get comfortable, understand the in's and out's and the what's. And it totally has to be her idea.

She finally watched long enough and decided to give it a go. Her only stipulation was that we had to be in the back row. Which I understood. So I gave a little wave to my sister up in the front, and we headed to the back.

My girl looooved it. She kept up the entire time--well over an hour of it. Cardio. Little weights. Tubes. Exercise ball. Stretching. Everything. She broke out in a little sweat. I loved jazzercising with my girl! It made The Momma proud. We bonded over the water bottle, as she informed me that she couldn't wait to do it again, but next time she wanted to be up front, so she could see better (that's my girl). High fives everywhere.

She talked about it all day yesterday, skillfully drawing just about every conversation back to jazzercising and how much she loved it and couldn't wait to go back. She wants to go twice a day! She wants work out clothes. I'm on this.

The garage sales will just have to wait for me until after class. My girl is busy growing up.


Rena said...

Oh, that's great, Sunshine!

Dee from Downunder said...

Oh, great bonding! How gorgeous.

Hillary said...

That's fantastic!

Sunshine said...

Can you even believe she's still going with me?! Never happens. Love it.