Thursday, June 18, 2009

This Just In

So far, so good with the summer vacation. We've been enjoying ourselves. I've only heard, "I'm bored," three times. I'd say we've been making good use of the free time--we've been to the park, had the horrible birthday cake (I could blog about the bday cake alone), the hot tub, father's day shopping, Zac Efron movie, and today we all got manicures and pedicures. Though, I really wish my kiddos would learn the value in sleeping in. It's not really vacation until you can really embrace the sleeping in.

Did you see me mention my boyfriend up there? Let me say how much the hubbs just loves me saying "boyfriend" over and over. It's his favorite.

So, yesterday my sisters and my girls and I went to the $2.50 movie and saw 17 Again. We loves the high school movies. Afterwards, I just wanted to go straight from the movie theater to the store and buy it. It was one of those for me. And not just for my boyfriend--it was a really cute movie, with good morals and *everything*. was totally for my boyfriend. Not really(why don't you believe me?). Why does that boy have to be so flipping adorable? And what does it say that I didn't get all crazy for Matthew Perry? It says a lot. But it really was a cute movie (I swear). And it had the good laughs. The DVD comes out August 11th You know, in case you were wondering.

And lemme just say, I am all over a $2.50 movie--in an actual theater! Kid tix were $2.00--all day, every day. The movie was shown in a very old school theater, that surprisingly didn't smell 100 years old and my feet managed not to stick on the floor. I still have my flip flops. I do like all the new and sparkly theaters, with the cush seats that rock and the screen that goes for miles, but there is something sweet about the old stuff. As long as it doesn't smell. And you get to keep your flip flops. And you know...not $10 a ticket. I kind of liked the fact that you had to buy your movie candy out of a vending machine too. I mean, that's just unique. The theater had an arcade attached to it--5 cent games. Seriously. How did it take me this long to find this place?!

This just in: As I was typing this out my brother, Josh, texted to tell me that he made tech sergeant select! So I had to share it with the world, cuz this is no small thang! He's been in the air force for under seven years! And the sistah is proud, proud, proud! So I had to brag! And check out the awesome pic of him below too.

Okay, that is all. For now. In a minute. One more thing. It feels so good to be back in blogland. I saw a journal the other day that gave me a good idea. Each page on the journal had only five lines. So each day, you just write five lines of thoughts. It just sounded inspiring to me and I thought...wouldn't that be good for the blog? If I just put it in my head to write five lines of something, I could probably do this every day. Which is my goal--to write every day. So on days that I feel...I got nothin'...I'll just try to write five lines. Well, you'll see how that goes, but it's a nice idea.

All right then, as you were.


Jenny said...

I really liked '17 Again'too. I took my girls to see it last school holidays.
Of course, we are all waiting for the new Hannah Montana movie in the upcoming hols.

Dee from Downunder said...

$2.50 movies????? I wish they had those here!

Hillary said...

I'm totally jealous of the $2.50 movie!...and the 5-cent arcade! Mom and I wanted to see Seventeen Again...but not because of you boyfriend, but because of the Matthew Perry thing. He reminds me of my brother.

While we're talking brothers, Congratulations to your brother!

Pretty fingers and toes!