Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This Is How It Starts

Yesterday, we had a wonderful visit with some very dear friends that we met when we lived in San Antonio. I met my beautiful friend, Milly, on Mother's Day in 2003, sitting on the front porch of Cracker Barrel. I was instantly drawn to her new baby boy, as I was eight months pregnant myself. In that, we struck up a conversation and haven't stopped talking for six years now.

Since we've been friends, our families have spent a lot of quality time together and have had the good laugh over the possibility of our youngest babes growing up together and eventually getting married. Yes, we arrange marriages. Not really. But it's fun to talk about. They are so cute together though, so it's hard not to imagine.

It's been almost two years since we all saw each other (she lives in Colorado now), so we were wondering how the kiddos would do. But it was like no time at all had passed...they just picked up right where they left off, as you do with good, true friends.

We got the pool, and snacks out and had a great afternoon together, catching up. But I have to say, it was quite entertaining watching the interaction between my daughter and her son. Talk about young love. They were inseparable. All smiley and chatty. They couldn't stop looking at each other. When I was taking pics, I overheard Milly's son say to A-girl, "You look different." A-girl smiled big and piped back, "So do you." I swear I saw and heard a little firework go off.

The older kiddos kept teasing them that they were going to get married. I had to laugh when they each kept asking Milly and I..."Really?" A flash of worry crossing their little 5 and 6-year old faces, as I'm sure they were both thinking there would be a wedding today, or something.

Later, after Milly and her kids left, as I was driving in the car with my own girls we had this conversation--

A-girl: I think J's in love with me.

Me: Oh really, did he tell you that?

A-girl: No, but he kept looking at me and when we were in the pool, I put my hand on the side and he put his hand on top of mine.

Me: (siiiiiiiiiigh--as I dialed Milly's cell) Are you in loooove A-girl?

A: (smiles and shakes head up and down) Yeeees. It's romantic, just like Twilight.

Oh man, they are SO getting married some day! Maybe I shouldn't be encouraging such antics (as the hubbs was not as thrilled to hear of this conversation), but it is just so sweet and it really would be romantic someday if this were to be their story. How can you not love that?

The babes...

There we go...

Look at that face!
Look at that face!



Rena said...

This is SO sweet!

Dee from Downunder said...

I love the age A-girl and my own S are at - they are so cute with the boys,S has a friend at school she holds hands with... sooo cute! I love the "throught the years" photos.