Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm In Looooove...And Other Things

I have a new crush. His name is Pierce Brosnan. Heard of him? Yeah...the James Bond and Remington Steele guy. ((hiiiim)) I never saw him in either one of those, but I like to refer to him as the Mama Mia guy now. ((siiiiigh)

I can't believe it myself. I don't know how to explain it...I'm a complicated girl. Oh, who am I kidding? He is gorgeous. And has an accent. He looks very good in Polo's and crisp white shirts that are unbuttoned...unbuttoned a lot. I'm not even an unbuttoned shirt kind of gal. I'm just as surprised as you. And he maybe, a little bit, might not hit the high notes or knock my flip flops off with his singing, but I think that just makes him even more lovable. Crushable. Lovable is a little strong. Crushable.

And Momma Mia is my new favorite movie! I loved it, loved it, loved it! You must see it. And not only for Pierce! Meryl is amazing! She better win something for this! And I want to be just like her! I don't care if I'm thirty-five and she's um...maybe not thirty-five...she rocks on so many levels! I want her voice, her attitude, her hair, her overalls, and I FOR SURE want to fall out of a hole in the roof of a goat barn and land (*just like that*) on a blown-up air mattress in front of three of my past loves...or just Pierce Brosnan.!

Everyone in this movie was amazing! I want to have two best friends *just like that* and bust out in ABBA songs all throughout my day and have crowds of people at the grocery store and the parent-pick up line join in and we all do amazing and very well choreographed dance routines! And of course, Pierce will look at me *just like that*! (and just as a side note--I loved ABBA before Mama Mia-you needed to know this, right?. My Grandma Jo gave me their Super Trouper *tape* when I was just going into 7th grade--I immediately fell in love, love, looooove...) P.S. Hi Shannon! (my soul friend who is reading this right now--hey girl!)...we are going to see this! There's a sing-a-long coming out! An adult sing-a-long! I could cry!

I just want to be in this movie. Period.

So yes, I did that this week--got a new fave movie and a new boyfriend. Crushfriend. This was also a big, big week (still is) as summer is officially over and I now have a 2nd grader and Kindergartner! Can you believe it?! We are very excited around here. I'm very sad to say bu-bye to sleeping in and a very relaxed routine, but am looking forward to getting into this new groove with my girls. My school girls. Awesome.

So yesterday was O's big day. She was seriously counting down and going to bed first and early (her idea), so that the first day of school would come faster. Here she is--Miss Second Grader!!

How cute is she? Please tell her she looks adorable in her glasses...she's concerned. Her lil' sis is now in countdown mode anticipating her big day tomorrow! I'll be back with pics of her shining moment!

Here's a couple more pics from this week...

Below is a pic of a play date we had this week, gone wrong. This was the calm before the storm. It's not funny to me yet, but when it is, I'll blog about it.

The above pic is just something I love to see. Love it.

My girls and their friends "planted" their own flower and veggie garden. This took them hours to do...wonderful, blissful, very entertaining hours...

This is one of my little brother. He is 15 and *just* got his driver's permit. He is very, very excited about this and might think I'm the coolest out of all of his sisters for putting him in her blog and telling the world! I could see it going another way too though...

Oh, one more thing. Hubby just informed me that he we have an Air Force ball to go to next week! If you read this--A Plane, A Baby & Ear Muffs --you can probably tell I'm very excited for this. That and now I have to find a foo foo dress to squeeze into and someone to do my hair all fancy pants. This stresses me out to no end. You have no idea how I avoid fancy pants. Though I must say that this-- is growing on me. Notice just how very much it covers up? Do you think you could have big boobs (and maybe big other stuff) and wear this? If the answer is yes, can you go ahead and loan me $318? Thanks.


Cristin said...

I've been in love with Mr. Brosnan since Remington Steele... and he just keeps on getting better with age.. men suck like that...

LOVE the glasses... my son gets his eyes checked in a couple weeks.. I'm expecting glasses in his future...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Dee said...

O looks so cute!

Love that dress, it would swamp little old me, but it looks very swishy, made for twirling.

Lesley said...

I adored Mamma Mia...not quite getting the Pierce thing but hey, each to their own!
I just wanted all the bedlinen and the house, never mind the men!!

I hope your girls have fun at school!


leezee52 said...

Thanks so much for visiting me on my special day…I could hardly sleep last night I was so excited!

Lee :)

Hillary said...

Ok, there is too much for me to respond to this early this morning, but you asked for this...

"Hey baby! I've come to the understanding (after having a heart to heart w/my blog) that it is *for* me more than anything. As much as I looooove the comments and feel *so good* when I see them...that it's OKAY if nobody's reading it but me. Ha ha...cuz lately that's been the case. blog is the proof for later...sorta thing. My kids will love me for it. Or need therapy. Either's good for me. And sometimes, my brain doesn't get a say in it at all...;D"

Back latuh!!

Oh! AND you can tell your mini-girl that her glasses are da bomb!!

Hillary said...

Ok, first of all...uhhhhhhhhh you never watched Remington Steele??? I weep for you.

I've never been 100% sold on ol' Pierce, but then I watched him standing by the ocean, all profiled with his hair blowing in the wind and that shirt all unbuttony and looking at Meryl and ... where was I?? Dang. Yeah. He can be your crushfriend, but I still get to look, okay?

And as for the ball...oh WOW. Never been to a ball. Never danced. I tell myself that SOMEday a man will come along...and he'll want to dance....even though I have no rhythm and most likely two left feet. And NOTHING compares to getting to gussy up. I don't have the $300+ for ya, but GO.FOR.IT.

New crushfriend, both girlies in school, new best movie (ever). That's a big week, my friend.

Did I mention that I know have 12 hours and 28 minutes until I'm going to sing along with Meryl and pretend I'm just as awesome as she is? Yeah, I can caulk my own courtyard too...while Mr. Who-Needs-Buttons looks on. Shoot yeah.

Now I think I better go sip some hot tea with lemon and honey. My voice has got to sound good tomorrow when I belt it out and drown out the rest of the theater. It's my only chance.

Emily said...

Stumbled across your blog from Hill's. I LOVE Mamma Mia...but more for Mr. Firth than Mr. Brosnan, LOL.

Jennifer P. said...

I've been on blogcation for a week, and it's good to be back and caught up! I loved the pictures of the girls at school together! And now I'm feeling bad that I'm the only girl in the world who hasn't got to see Mama Mia. I thought it was more of a renter, but I'm thinking I should at least catch it at the $1 theatre now!

I dream of a world where people break out into spontaneous choruses of "Dancing Queen"....

AND FINALLY--you would look great in that dress!!! I just gave the stupid ;lumber $575 dollars yesterday to fix 2 leaky faucets. Wish I could have given it to you instead!