Sunday, September 28, 2008

Take Another Ride Down The Sunshine Highway

So, I know it's been just about a week since I've been around, but I've been busy. Oh, so very, very busy. Busy with what, I don't actually knoooow, but busy, busy, busy. Whatever it is though, is seriously cutting into my blog and Facebook time (grumble, grumble, grumble).

But what I typically say to my friends when they e-mail and write to me in Caps Lock (aka...type/yell at me) for not being a good keeper-in-touch-er is that it's not cuz I don't love them (cuz I loooooove you)...I'm just easily, easily distracted. Easily.

And lately, I've felt that if I wrote daily about what's going on you would be bored out of your mind and go find other friends. So, I figure if I kind of put it all together, it seems much more exciting that way. It's all an illusion, folks. I'm tricky.

Anyhoo...just to give you a little run down, here's what's been a-happening over here.

I know this makes no sense whatsoever, especially since I was doing this--I'm a Eucalyptus Loving Sucker--last time I talked about this, but I got my haircut the other day at the saaaaaaalon. I went back, y'all. I know, it makes no sense. Well, it kind of does. See after the last haircut I had, I went and got bangs. I went to the place that is not a saaaaaaalon. You know, the place you can get a haircut, perm, and color for under $10, and they have coupons too? So yeah, I went to the wrong place. The bangs were a mess. Totally weird holes everywhere. I tried to get them fixed twice more. So all in all, just to get my bangs done, I went to two hair cut places(yes, I even went to another "$8.85" haircut place, not a saaaaalon) and had them done three times, and still was not loving the bangs. So I just gave up. This time around I thought I'd give the saaaalon a try. After all that, $40 didn't seem so much.

I'm sooooooo glad I did. Best haircut ever. Serious. This time it was an actual haircut (a styyyyyyle--I brought pictures), and not just a trim. "Ciara" shampooed (yes, w/the Eucalyptus shampoo), blew dry, straightened and then cut my hair. No one has ever done all that before just to cut my hair, but no one will ever not do it again, cuz it worked. AND I'm never leaving Ciara again. What was I thinking?! I'm committed now. I swear. Finding the perfect hair stylist is a little like finding your true love, isn't it? I swear, there were fireworks and a chorus singing in the background when she was done and I looked in the mirror. It was magic.

After I glided home, I had to take a million pictures of myself--my new hair--, cuz I had to document how cute I looked. I mean how cute my hair looked. I was all, "I feeeel preeeeeetty....oooooh soooo preeeeeeeeetty..." and looking at my new hair at all different kinds of angles and such. Totally getting all vain ("Yoooouuuuu're sooooo vaaain..."). So much that I had to start taking silly pics to not make me feel so vain.

It's just that my new hair looked so good and I knew that it was never, never, never, never going to look like that again, cuz I just don't have skills. Ciara doesn't live with me. So, I did my best Marcia, Marcia, Marcia impersonations for the rest o'the day. I swear, my new hair felt longer after I had it cut too. My hubby said I looked "Rexy". Ha ha...that means, "Pretty."

But it's over now...I've showered and am back to my boring ol' frizzy haired self. But here's proof, that I had pretty hair, if only for a minute--

And I almost caved and got the Eucalyptus shampoo and conditioner, but that purchase would have cost me $60--just the shampoo and conditioner. What the fruit loop? Cuteness is so dang expensive. Be proud of me though...I'm still using my Pantene.

So, you know when you get back from the saaaaaaalon and you feel all new and pretty, you want to um...not go home. You want to go...out. So we did the next best thing, we took the kiddos here--

and did a little of this--

Roller skating! Oh yeah! One of my girlie-O's was at a sleepover, so we brought the cousin over and had a sleepover of our own. We wanted to be fun so we had plans to take the girls out on the town.

Pizza at Pietro's with a little Deal or No Deal as a bonus--

Then we ran into some vampires...

And then proceeded to hug the carpet wall the rest of the night--

This rink is seriously like 1000 years old--it has the looks, smell and darkness to prove it. Despite how creepy it is, it's still way fun. There are some serious roller skaters out there. Like, they are out there training for the Olympics. Back skating to the Bee Gee's is for sure going to be an event. The uniform will totally have legwarmers. And it will be a rule they they have to exit the rink via the splits. I'm just saying...

And hubbs and I further confirmed that we.are.old. We had like instant shin aches. I was rickety, y'all. Rick.e.ty. But all that counts is that the girls thought it was the best. They loved it right up until we exited via the splits. Right as we got off the rink to go home, A-girl fell and hurt her arm. She didn't break it, but I totally thought our next stop would be the ER. So we stopped and got ice cream to make her arm feel better. It worked.

This is what the end of the day looked like--

Sleepovers are awesome.

Yesterday we decided at the very last minute (cuz that's just how we roll) to get rid of some stuff and have a garage sale. It was very much needed. And according to my girls, so was this--

They seriously made more money than our garage sale did. Pretty good for their first job!

Then last night we had a very enjoyable time with some good friends. They fed us. And gave us beverages. And we totally snuggled up and watched music videos with them all night. It was entirely just what we needed. And now I need to go out and get two new Cd's. Let me share with you my new favorites--

Looooove that guy's voice. Do you *even* know how many times I've listened to this song today? (((siiigh)))

And this--

I love how these boys are *such* boys. Loooove it!

There's more, but if I tell you about how my dog keeps peeing on the carpet (grumble, grumble, grumble), it might totally push it. So, I'll leave you with Sunshine Highway and share more of my life another day.


Dee said...

Welcome back, I missed ya, as you can see in your feedjit. ha ha

I looove a good haircut... when was the last time for me??? Can't remember, hence I dont post pics of me much....

Rollerscating,used to roll allllll over the neighbourhood as a kid. Loved it. But now I would be like you - ow.

Love the pics!

amelia bedelia said...

I love your hair, Marsha!!!

careysue said...

You are so cute!! Love your haircut and all your pics!

Rollerskating I can do, in-line not so much!

Sunshine said...

Dee--YEAH! Why DON'T you have more pics, girl? Put 'em up!

Yes, I too spent many a day roller skating around our cul-de-sac as a kiddo. We went to the rink a lot too...EVERYTIME I hear "Freeze Frame", I'm 10 again, and at Skateland with my Dorothy Hamill haircut. I use to have mooooves. Mooooves. Now, well...I AM OLD. No more mooooves.

I expect to see a pic of you in your roller skates from back in the day, on your blog now...okay? ;D

Sunshine said...

Amelia--((thank you)), I gush as I swish my (beeeeautiful) hair from side to side.


Sunshine said...

careysue--Awwww, thanks for coming by! It's good to see you there! :)

I used to be able to do the inline. I think I even have some rollerblades packed up in the garage somewhere. I think I'll just stick to my flip flops. ;D