Monday, September 22, 2008

Keep Your Lips

It's Monday already. That was fast. How did your weekend go? Here's a summary of mine--

* Fri.--Hubbs, My Dad and His Dad (it takes a village) finished putting a new floor in the bathroom.
--Hubbs went to Reserve Duty for the weekend.
*Sat.--My Dad (aka. MacGyver) finished up the bathroom.
--Spent too much money at Walmart on CLEANING supplies. Hate that.
--Dinner at my Mom and Dad's. Yum.
--Drop kiddos off at Gma and Papa's
--Go to lunch/movie w/my sister-in-law and Baby Girl's Mom

No wonder it's Monday already. But I can't complain, I have a new bathroom floor. My kiddos joyfully exclaimed, "WE HAVE A NEW HOUSE!" Yes, they get just as excited about tile as I do.

We got the tile a year ago. Yes, a year. Last November we replaced the--ugh--carpet in our bedroom bathroom and it only took us another year to get to the "main" bathroom. Next up, laundry room. Hopefully, I won't be telling you about it a year from now. It's just how it is because you gots to have the time, money and energy to do it. And sometimes it takes a while to get those three things all at once.

It would help if the hubbs was home for more than two days in a row. Or should I say, 8 hours in a row? That's my (little) vent for the day. Hubbs got home from Reserve duty last night at around 8 p.m. He left for the airport at about 3:30 a.m. this morn. This is my life. His life. Poor guy. I don't know *how* he does this. And how does he look so darn good doing it? I get seven hours of sleep instead of eight and I look like a werewolf! I think work (projects/deadlines/travel) chaos is COMPLETELY different from home (kiddos/wife/dog/cat/bathroom floor) chaos for him. He thrives under the work chaos. Loves the challenge, I think. He sleeps under the home chaos. And what I mean by "sleeps", I mean, "goes in the garage". He sleeps at church.

Speaking of church. Yesterday we found out church is starting up a children's choir. Awesome. The only problem is, that it's for 1st grade-6th grade. Good for O, bad for A-girl. This has become a new issue for us. We'll call it, "Things That O Can Do That A-girl Is Not Big Enough To Do". Yeah, my little one is having a hard time with this. Besides the fact that she thinks she is a 15-yr-old girl hopelessly trapped in a 5-yr-old's body, she just adores her big sis and hates to be without her.

Recently, O got invited to her first birthday sleepover. We've managed to avoid the sleepovers for a while now. She actually got invited to her first one in Kindergarten. Even though we knew the people really well, we felt like this was something O could wait for. She was too young. So (what felt like way back then), we told her we'd talk about it again when she was seven. It seemed so far away. Well, now she's seven and we are there again. And since we know the family very well, and their kids basically live here and vise versa and they live very close (in case we have to make a 2 a.m. trip to pick her up), we've decided she can go. This is not going over very well with A-girl. It breaks my heart, but this stuff just isn't going away. It's the first of many, many times we will have to deal with this. So we vowed to make it a special time for her at home with boring old mom and dad. We'll try to keep her good and happy (distracted) with a cousin, bowling, ice cream and possibly a clown. We finally talked her down from that, and now the church choir. Poor thing.

I know that the sleepover thing is controversial. Because I think I am THE ONLY one that is freaking out about it. I feel like a major strict mom, cuz I have waited FOR SO LONG to let my kid go to a sleepover. But looking back, I didn't go to my first sleepover until I was in like 5th grade. Of course, it could be that I didn't have friends before then, but I'm sticking w/the "not until your old enough" bit. AND when I think back, I probably should not have been allowed to stay at the house I stayed at. I. would. never.

But anyway...I know what a big dealie the sleepovers are. They were my favorite growing up. I think they are a right of passage growing up. I literally gasped when my hubbs told me his mom never allowed him to stay the night (we won't say "sleepover,"--it just sounds too weird when you're referring to boys) at anyones house. Ever. I feel bad for him (he's seems to be okay with it though). But maybe it wasn't such a big deal with boys. I have no idea. It WAS a huge deal for girls though. Can you say "Request and Dedication", make up, manicures/pedicures/facials (yes, it's just like "Grease"), BOY TALK, movies, eating pizza, popcorn, ice cream, cookie dough, BOY TALK, MTV, staying up all night, lots of giggling and drama and more BOY TALK? That was in Jr. High and High School though. What the heck do they do in 2nd grade? I'm scared.

This is bringing back some memories, y'all. I think I'm gonna have to blog about the sleepovers more at a later time. When I'm just talking about ME and not my *gulp* daughters.

On a completely other note...I saw The Women yesterday. It was aaaaaaall can guess it's a chick flick. Lots of women. Everyone is in it. There is a lot of plastic surgery going on. Not so much the theme of the movie, but HIGHLY noticeable. Let me just say....I cannot get past Meg Ryan's new lips. What the heck? WHY did she do that?! WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHHHHY?! Bette Midler was FREAKING ME OUT too. It was no Mama Mia (See--I'm In Looooove...And Other Things). Well, because nothing is Mama Mia, except well, Mama Mia. Not even close for me. It wasn't a bad movie (everyone did a good job in it--you go Annette Bening!), but I will say there was a bit of relief when it was over. It might be cuz it was ALL women (go figure). Not a man in sight. I think I missed the men. REALLY missed the men. I don't even know who. Just mens.

I did leave the movie wondering who I wanted to be more like...Meg Ryan's character or Debra Messing's (I tend to do this--that and wanting to live in the house that was in the movie). There is one part where she is in labor that is flipping HILARIOUS. I'm laughing out loud right now as I type this out. You might have to see this movie just to see that part. HILARIOUS. She did good. I like that Debra Messing girl. She is adorable. A big reason could also be that she still has her own lips.


Liesl said...

How was my weekend? Well, John spent it at Shady Grove Hospital. Let's say he gave us a big scare on sat and is going for more tests tomorrow. I'll tell you with more details when I have it.
Now about the post :)
The Women movie did not appeal to me and I don't feel like watching it.
Now, the girls: I'm sorry A doesn't get to do what O does. But it's part of having different ages, right? As the oldest daughter, I'm glad you're taking your time to explain to A that she's not old enough to do a few things (whereas my mother would just have me drag my sister with me). I remember one thing clearly (bear with me!). I always begged my mom to have my nails done, and finally when I was 9 she agreed. Well, my sister was 6 at the time and got hers done too, and my copycat cousin who was 4 did hers as well. I was furious!!!
Sorry for the long post - gotta go back to the brig (aka work)

Hillary said...

Poor Meg. They messed her lips up the first time. She had them done AGAIN? Two mess-ups = not good.

And sleep overs scare me, too. I took Meg and Alli for their first (under MY supervision) this summer. They went together to the home of some friends of their dad's. Their girls and my girls LOVE being together, which is good. But...a sleepover? Alli's 7 and wasn't quite sure she could make it. I left a cell phone with her. And she called me one time in tears, but then she was okay.

I did sleepovers when I was pretty young. My best friends went to church with us and we were like glue. She was too scared to stay overnight at my house even in later grade school, but I went to hers often. Heck if I know what we did when we were little, though. We probably did just about whatever she wanted to do. She was, without doubt, a more dominant soul.

I didn't get much done over my weekend...other than punching myself in the eye. Hey! That might be blog-worthy. Wait. I DID mention it in my blog. Duhhhh.

Ok, cutting it short....well, cutting it less long anyway.

Dee said...

Poor A, I am going through this already at 3 & 5. Had to join miss 3 up for dance class, probably have to do swimming lessons together this summer (not that any of that is a problem, but, yeah, the old I wanna go tooooooo syndrome!!!!) At least Miss 5 wont want to do pony club, whew, $$$ saved there.

Sleepovers,I went to 3 in primary school, stayed at one.Too much of a homebody, even hated the nights at school camp in grade 7. Not sure how I will go when the girls time comes, but I understand your reservations.

~Trish~ said...

Love your blog layout! Thank for stopping by my blog when I was featured last week :) I'm still trying to get back to everyone who commented!!