Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Don't Have Bugs On My Coffee Table

I talked to Baby Girl's mom and she was very good about relieving me of my sleepless nights. Baby Girl is slowly but surely adjusting to life at child care. Her teachers love her (of course) and she is bonding with them (I might be a little jealous over this). And I was relieved to hear that they had a Plan B...a nanny waiting in the wings if they needed her. But they are hoping that they can just keep her where she is, and avoid any more change. I'm praying for that too. They want to wait out the month anyway, so I'm thinking she'll do just fine. She's such a great baby!

I don't know where all that worry came, but boy, it sure consumed me that night. Sort of knocked me over the head. I thought for sure I was getting ESPN vibes from Baby Girl's house (she lives near me) or something. Or the Man Upstairs was speaking to me, telling me to serve.

Thank you, thank you, thank you those of you that offered up encouragement and advice. I really appreciate it. I was truly torn. I am so loving how things are in my own house right now--this new chapter we have with both girls in school. A-girl is only in school for 2 1/2 hours this year, but I am enjoying getting to know myself again within those precious hours. Or catching up on laundry, grocery shopping and pulling weeds, or other things on the "to do" list. I feel like I'm all here now, if that makes any sense at all. So that's it for now. As you know, things change daily. Tomorrow I'm probably taking care of Baby Girl, cuz she went home sick today and she can't go back until it's been like 24 hours since the fever ended or something. So if she's feeling up to it tomorrow, I get my Baby Girl-fix. See how that works? Lovely.

On another note, guess what we're up to? Last night, at our church, we started the first of thirteen weeks of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class. This will probably be a good chunk of my blog for in the next 13 weeks. The whole idea is to build up an emergency fund, pay off debt completely, and pay everything with cash (or check or debit). Build savings and actually save money for things that we want, rather than using credit. Novel idea, isn't it? I seem to remember this from um...back in the day. There was life pre-credit cards. Ramsey doesn't much care for the credit card. It makes sense.

Ramsey warned us that hubbs and I will get into arguments. To be gentle and calm with each other.That this will be touching on some emotional nerves. I'll say. It's frightening to give up our emergency credit card. Frightening to not have our emergency pizza/home decor/Christmas presents go to. But we are so excited to do this. So when I come on here and vent, whine and probably cry about how much I miss my relationship with MasterCard, please help a sister out and don't let me cave. Don't.Let.Me. You know how I am.

Little tip here that was suggested last night (that sounds a little less Scary Larry than actually cutting up the credit card, we are sure Ramsey will be suggesting any day now)-- to freeze your credit cards in a pitcher full of water. That way, when you get the urge to use it, it is not so easy to get to and by the time it were to thaw out, you hopefully would've talked yourself out of using it. Cool, isn't it?

After class we're driving home, still high-five-ing each other (yes, hubbs and I do that) and buzzing off the excitement of the class, and O started freaking out in the back seat. She was all, "What is that big red thing in the sky?!" I'm thinking UFO??? Cuz of course I go to worse case scenario. But what it ended up being was the moon. Sure enough, it was all orangery-red. Hubbs and I had to agree that we had never seen that before. Perplexed is what we were. I thought I was maybe, might, could be, on-the-tip-of-my-brain, remembering something about an October moon. But I'm pretty sure I'm making it up.

After much pondering, hubbs suggested that it is probably from the wildfires burning near Mt. Hood. That the smoke is making the moon look like it's all orangery-red. Regardless, if it does it tonight, I'm totally taking a pic. You've got to see it. Freakity.

And now I'd like to share with you what is on my coffee table. Like how I didn't transition at all there? It's how I roll. It was an issue in college and apparently it still is. Sorry. I'll work on it. I just have so much to say and sometimes you can't just transition well from red moon to coffee table. But anyway! My friend Rena, over here--Rena Jones--had a little bit on her blog today about what was on her coffee table. She has bugs on hers. You should check it out. But she asked the question of what is on your coffee table. Followed by a question of what is a one-of-a-kind thing of yours that you cherish. I thought I'd surprise her and answer her over here. So I'll start with the coffee table. Today, A-girl and I had games on our coffee table. We were playing these--

The "Please" & "Thank You" and sharing has become quite the discussion in our house lately and I found these games are fun and sneaky supplements to our (consistent and exhausting) teachings of these values. Thank you, Noodleboro!

So that's what was on our coffee table this morn.

As for the one-of-a-kind cherished thing. I have many of these, but the first thing to come to mind was this old cigar box full of vintage gumball machine toys and prizes, my mom had collected as a little girl. Somehow I was the lucky one to end up with them. They are so special to me, because I imagine they were precious to her. Important, as things like that tend to be when you're little. The box is full of tiny, delightful trinkets. I ripped my bedroom apart looking for the cigar box, so I could show you, but it is still packed away in a box in the garage from our move a year ago. To be continued on that one. They are pretty cool, I totally have to show you now.

Well, I had a lot to say up there. I could so go on, but figure you probably need to leave now. So until next time...


Hillary said...

Ok, first things first. BRAVO! for saying "Regardless" and not "irregardless." I want to pluck my eyes out when people say that...and then throw my eyes AT THEM. ::breathing in...breathing out:: Ok, I get a little worked up about that. It's silly, but....

Second of all, I'm too lazy to photograph my coffee table, but it's got my tv on it because I couldn't find a coffee table to fit well with my sofa, because it's all kinds of creative curves instead of your basic straight square angled affair. And I didn't like the old "entertainment center" (and I use the term quite loosely). So voila! Set the "tube" on the coffee table. And that of course means there's a "clicker" on it, too.

As for a one of a kind cherished thing...well...I'd have to go all CIA on ya and say "If I tell/show you, I'll have to kill you" and I don't kill and I'm not CIA but the basic principal is there, so I'm zipping my lips and cherishing the treasure. ;)

Hmmmmm...freeze the cards in a block of ice, huh? I need to follow the example but money money, must be funny, in a rich man's world. No? I'm at the point of survival and not luxuries overflowing to the "emergency cards". But I'm working on it and kicking myself in the derriere over it as I go. Best of luck, girl. Don't cave...and don't try to sell your hubby for some extra spending money when those arguments/irritations come up. ;)(I'm very winky today, apparently.)

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

Can't wait to hear more about your financial journey. Maybe it will inspire me to smack hubby upside the head. I can use only use my debit card, but Hubby will NOT give up his mastercard. He thinks the cash back rebates are great. Yeah, I think they just make you spend more.

Dee said...

I USED to have a GOLD Mastercard.
Used to.

So good on you for doing that course, and good luck!

As for the coffee table - I dont have one, yet. Rena, if you read this, I tried to comment but my computer hates me.

Sunshine said...

Hill, don't put your life on the line or *gasp* mine by telling me about the water meeeean...;D (winkety wink)

Very funny about the selling the hubbs bit. That t'aint gonna happen. If we are to go down, we're going down together. You just might get some cross (Curses! Curses!) text messages though. Frickety Frick Frick! ;D

Sunshine said...

Lynn--Yes, my hubbs is going to have a hard time with this, with the ol' earing the flyer miles and all and hotel rewards and all w/all the traveling he does. We'll see how that goes...I REALLY want to go to Australia (i want, i want!)! guys gotta stay on top of me! Don't take your eyes off of me for one second! ;D

Sunshine said...

Dee--so you'll be like my MCA sponser? MasterCard Anonymous (though I'm not being very anonymous right now am I?)? You can talk me down?! Better put your number on speed dial. ;D

My computer was seriously hating me today too...I had to write that this post like 4 times! Grrrrrr...

Hillary said...

Alrighty roo. Gearing up for the cross text messages.

And good for you for not being tempted to sell the hubbie for some extra moolah. You should hang on to someone who busts out like Zac spontaneously and actually hi-fives you. Them are scarce.

Rena said...

LOL @ Hill having to go all CIA on you. Too funny.

And Dee -- I see your message here. No problem!

Good luck with your finances, Sunshine. Dave Ramsey is awesome.

Dee said...

MCA sponsor, thats too funny.

"Hello my name is Dee and its been 5 years since my last Mastercard" hahahaha (laughing through the tears....)