Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let's Start With Tall, Dark and Handsome & End With A Song

I might've had a good dream last night. It might've been retired Yellow Wiggle related. I debated whether or not I should just keep it all neat and tidy up in my head or share it with the world! I'm not gonna get too detailed here, cuz even in dreamland I tend to be a little G-rated. Or PG-13. Okay, maybe a little Lifetime Channel-rated. And if I got detailed here, you might be all, "That's it?!...That's all you've got?!" And it would burst my dreamy dreamland bubble. Plus I like the idea of leaving it up to your imagination. It's probably better than mine.


I could totally be not telling the truth ("lying" is such a harsh word) and the dream was Awesome! (siiiiiigh...why oh, why oh, why must I wake up?!)

Let's just say the boy better never show up at my door and profess his love to me. His height and Australian accent alone would be nothing but t.r.o.u.b.l.e. Don't you do it, mister! I am a good girl. A GOOD GIRL. You hear me? (i love you)

Okay, so enough of that! How is everybody? Now leave a comment and tell me, cuz I'm seriously hearing crickets over here in the comment department. I know I need to leave some comments in a big way as well. So let's all work together, mmmk? I kid, I kid (I am so not kidding).

Anyhoo, onto some other stuff...So I hit the garage sale jackpot the other day! 2 lamp shades, a cute shelf, a folky pic, and little wooden village, all for the I-so-happy discounted price of $26! (i could cry)

And for more random bits of the past week, here's a pic of our first ever garden! I know it's no Better Homes and Gardens, but it's ours, all ours! And I vow to be all crazy garden girl next year and do better. I'll even have a plan. But I'm so excited I actually grew something!

I am excited for this bad boy!

This is what I hope will end up a big ol' beautiful pumpkin. Wish us luck!

This would be A-girl just a-swinging!

Another little pic out of our life this week--we had a cook out at Auntie's house the other night and grandma brought a little craft for the girls to work on. They were in pine cone/birdseed/peanut butter heaven!

This is another shocker for! I'm usually very good about growing green leaves. Flowers are so much better!

And for more randomness, I thought it would be fun to show you what was in my purse. I'm thinking of making this a weekly blog event (?) as the turnover is huge in my purse and you just never know what's gonna be in there! You like my green ear plugs? I swear those aren't to drown out the kiddo noise (though I'm not hating that idea either)--they were left over from my big ol' 17-C (typed backwards) ride (A Plane, A Baby & Ear Muffs). See all the lip stuff? And the dog biscuit? Don't ask me. I think A-girl was involved though. See that cutsie pic of hubbs and I? That's like 11 yrs old. It was our 1st year anniversary pic. Don't we look like we're 12-yrs-old?

And one more thing! I can't talk about (my) retired Yellow Wiggle without mentioning my friend, Hill. So I wanted to dedicate this next bit to her as this post of hers-- A Great Childhood Love--reminded me of something I cherished from my childhood. And I never heard of Sneaky Snake, Hill, but I sure had that song in my head all day. Now here's a little something for you to have in your head all day. Can you say, Captain Kangaroo? Thank me later, y'all for bringing back the memories...

And a little Bill Cosby...

I loved Picture Pages. The song alone is very comforting. And don't you loooove Captain's jacket?

Thanks for staying with me during this (wild and) crazy (and pretty darn random if you ask me) post. You are still with me, right? Okay, you may now return to your regularly scheduled life.


J'Ollie Primitives said...

you get today's award for Most Random Post!

hilarious ~ loved seeing Captain Kangaroo. Even if he isn't tall dark and handsome!

Hillary said...

CAPTAIN KANGAROO!!! :::SCREEEEEEEEEEEAM!!!:: I LOVED Captain Kangaroo. (LOL I just typed Captain Kangaroon, bahaha.) I loved him. He was my first temptation to fake like I was sick so I could stay home from school. I didn't do it, but ohhhhhhhhhhhh I DID love being home sick. It was worth it because I got to watch my beloved Captain.

If you're banning the Yellow Wiggle from showing up on your doorstep and professing love, I'd like to put out my welcome mat. (Man! I hope he reads this!!) lol

You're trying to torture me about the dream, right?? Did I mention a somewhat stranger sent me an IM to tell me she dreamed about Mr. Yellow and I. ::swoon:: but I was a bit freaked, too. If you only knew who....

Awesome little the purse excerpt. My camera can't capture all that's in my purse. I'd have to go buy a fisheye lens...and it's not worth THAT.

I haven't even clicked on your youtube yet, but I assume it's Picture Page. I LOVED that, too! "Picture page, picture page, nows the time for picture page. Time to grab your crayons and your pencils! Picture page, picture la la la picture la la la Bill Cosby does a picture page with you!" Okay, I need to click on the link. I gots to tuck in my girls first though.

Has anyone heard about Mr. Greenjeans lately? Now there's a treasure.

Hillary said...

Did I click "send". Dang it. If I didn't I'm even more ticked. Poof and it was gone.

I just wanted to add that I LOVED Mr. Moose...especially when he dropped ping pong balls on Captain Kangaroo. (Dang it, I typed Captain Kangaroon AGAIN!) I even call my kindie boys "Mr. Moose." The girls are "Miss Mouse."

Hillary said...

::gasp:: Meg has the exact outfit your little girlie girl is wearing to make her craft at the cookout! The little blue and white stripey shorts with the blue and white flowery top! And Alli has the same in red and white.

I'd have been awful if I'd had twins. They wouldn't be able to tell each other apart.

Hillary said...

Is there a limit to the number of comments a person can leave?

What was that? I've maxed out??


Tionana Mawa. (I'm feeling multi-cultural tonight. That there's Chichewa for "See ya tomorrow." Chichewa would be the official language of Malawi, Central Africa. Just fyi.)

Ok, I'm going.

Sunshine said...

Okay, I'm too tired to REALLY comment, but I sure will be back to comment tomorrow.

Thank you j'ollie primitives for the awesome reward. It's perfect, perfect!! Perfect, I tell you!!!

And I love your blog. And can your daughter hook me up next time she's out shopping? Pulease?

And Hill--I'll get back to you in the morn. THANK YOU for ALL the wonderful posts...It was so exciting to see "5" comments. I almost peed my pants. Thanks for being there for me, babes.

Tracy P. said...

Oh Greegggg! Is that you? Showing up in people's dreams and that what you retired for? In it for the moms and not the kids so much? I see. Well come back then.

Anyway, thanks for leaving awesome comments at the Journey on my SITS day last week. I'm very slow on getting back to everyone because I'm doing too much lollygagging. But hey, isn't that what it's all about? So I enjoyed your blog today! Thanks again!

Dee said...

Greg dreams are good. Yes sireeeee.

Um, comment crickets???? I comment ALL the time, don't I count???? Or am I stalking you? (kidding)

My computer is SLOW today, so I can't get all your pics, so I will COMMENT again later.

Hillary said...

Oh oh oh! More comments for Sunshine!!


Hillary said...

I'm being sponsored by Depends. Did I mention that?

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

I remember Captain Kangaroo! That was my FAVORITE show!

Sunshine said...

Aw Dee--See now I feel bad. I am so, so, so, so, so, so thankful for you (my peeps) who are there for me.

My love of the comments is very um...BIG, so forgive me for momentarily dissing you (my peeps). You think there's a support group for comment addiction? I think my therapist mentioned this a while back...;D

Tracyp--please lollygag away. You may by onto something w/G-man having a little extra time on his hands...HOWEVER...he appeared in my dreams before the big retirement (oh, greg i miss you, i miss you, i miss you...)...he's just not wearing the Wiggle attire as much. HE'S WEARING CLOTHES THOUGH...(don't go there...)! Sheesh...y'all are bad! ;D

Hi Lynn!!! Thanks for stopping by. Doesn't Captain Kangaroo make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Even weird hair cut and all? Wonder if we can Netflix him?

And Hill...(and Dee--my peeps)--thank you, thank you, thank you for all the comment love. And Hill, I'm just glad you're still speaking to me (or would this be typing to me?) after my dreeeeeam (i haaaaaaave a dreeeeam)with Big G.

Do you ever wonder when you're having (amazing) dreams like that if the person your dreaming about is dreaming about you too at exactly the same time? Greg, if you're there (sweetheart), maybe you can leave a little comment love and let me know. (i love you).


P.S. This is ENTIRELY too much information. My therapist would be SO disappointed.

Liesl said...

Hey girl. I've been busy with work, no news there. I sometimes come here and read, but don't say anything.

Hey, care to elaborate about the yellow dream? I'm curious :P

Dee said...

Sunshine - I forgive you. Ha ha I notice in your feedjit that I happen to live in all sorts of places in Queensland, must depend on where I am bouncing off. So dont get too excited, they are all "just" me.

Your pics are great. I remember pinecone/peanutbutter/birdseed heaven.

What flavour is that red lip stuff in your purse???

Hillary said...

Sweetheart? Oh, no you di'n't! NOW I'm not speaking to you. :D

Is it wrong that just the title of this blog thread makes my chest constrict and my head get a bit ... light?

Serious oxygen deficiency. I SO need a dream.

Sunshine said...

Renata--It's so good to see you over here! Not the same as you sitting on my couch though. :(

And um, I wooooould elaborate on the dream with Big G, but that sorta takes away the mystery and I'm veeeeeeery mysterious. It's my thang. (shhhheeeeeyeeeah)

AND Hill's around these parts and I kind of LIKE her and don't want her to take me down. I'm pretty sure she could do it (though I do have strong legs). She gets pretty fiesty when it comes to you-know-who...;D

Sunshine said...

Dee--you mean you're not HIM over there on feedjit?!! My heart won't stop unless I see "Sydney" up there. It's only happened once and I totally knew who it was. Near death experience though...whew!

Z' flavor of the red lip stuff is cinnamon...not my fave, but got it for my bday and I t'aint complaining. It's lip stuff. Do you need some? Do they have Bath and Body in Australia? I think I asked you that before...

Sunshine said...

Hill--I'm sorry...I shouldda warned you. I can't control just happened. You know, it's a dream (i haaaave a dreeeeeam). It didn't mean anything. In real life anyway. Dang it.

And well, he is quite the tall, dark and handsome fella. That deserves a title. Next time I'll give you fair warning to get some extra oxygen. Ha ha...NEXT TIME. I'm getting cocky now.

Watch out! Just kidding...I love you. ;D

Rena said...

Totally love the "contents of your purse". Can't wait for part 2 of that one. I AM SERIOUS! I'm weird when it comes to stuff like that. Hey, I showed you my coffee table, right? ;)

Love this post, Sunshine -- :)

Hillary said...

I haaaaaaaaaaaave a dreeeeeeeeeeeeeam, cuz Greeeeeeg's my thiiiiiiiiiing. He helps me cooooooooooooooope with eeeeverythiiiiiiiiiiing. I think he's a wonderrrrrrr, like a fairy taaaaaaaaale. Wish "we" had a fuuuuuuuuuuture, but I'll prob'ly faaaaaaaaaaaail.

I'm sorry...but you started it.

Sunshine said...

LOL, Hill. You know I know I'm #2, right? You do know this? ;D

Sunshine said...

Rena--I am very weird about stuff like "contents of purse" too. I LOVE those survey thingies that were always on the WMB, those "Getting to know you" ones. I can *never* say "no" to those. So OF COURSE...I *had* to answer your coffee table question! Ha ha...I get it, I get it...;D

Hillary said...

Aw, dang it. I forgot I'm not talking to you. Sheesh. ;)

Yeah I know you know I know you know you're #2.

Sharon said...

Nice dream, nice garage sale stuff and nice tomatoes. Cute girls as always. All I can say is I AM SO JEALOUS of your life woman! I work...and work...and work. I so wish I had time for flowers and such. One day!

Captain Kangaroo was so great. I used to love his show.

Dee said...

Cinnamon lip stuff...thats an "interesting" flavour, thought it might be raspberry or something luscious like that. We have the Body Shop, which is similar to Bath and Body I think, have not been in there for a while, but the kindy is having a fundraising day with their products, so maybe I should go.. free champaigne on offer too