Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Over The River And Through The Woods

It feels like it's been way too long since I've been here. I feel like I'm late. And again, I don't know really what's keeping me from here, except something about the life that I lead. And I feel like since I'm here, I'm going to be late to something else, if that makes any sense. Like for three days, I've been trying to sit down and pay the bills. Yeah, I should probably get to that.

For now, I write. I have been dying to share our weekend with you. It was an absolutely beautiful weekend. It felt like autumn. And it wasn't raining, so out, out, out we went.

I convinced my family that we needed to go for a fall hike. I called my dad to get ideas of places to go that were nearby and family-friendly. I convinced my mom and dad that they should go with us. My dad loves to hike. It used to be his favorite thing ever. It used to be that if dad wasn't home, he was out, taking a hike somewhere. He's quite the outdoors man/nature guy. (that was a little foreshadowing for you).

So we pack a lunch and water and of course the camera, and were off. When we get there, it is exactly what I want. Forest, nature bridge, creek, and a path...a well worn path. There is a sign that shows us the loop...there is an upper loop and a lower loop. It doesn't look like it is going to take all day or anything, so somehow we all decide, without discussion or anything, not to bring our water or our lunch. I think we all imagined we'd be back in about 45 minutes or so and have a little picnic by the creek. My dad did bring his thermos of coffee though.

Oh, and we all were wearing hoodies. It was beautiful out, but like ten degrees cooler in the trees. In Oregon, you layer. We're all wearing our hoodies, all except A-girl. It was a battle I caved into. She started to throw the fit and instead of battling her, I just let it be a lesson to her when she got in there and was "chilly". Great parenting, isn't it? Do not take notes.

So into the woollies we go. It is absolutely beautiful in there. Hubby is teasing me that every ten feet we stop to take a picture. Yeah, it's nature. I have to stop and look. I don't know what's going on in hubby's head, but I'm pretty sure it's not the admiration of banana slugs and very old trees that tower to the heavens above. I'm pretty sure in his head, he's brewing beer, or planning his next move in some XBox game. Anyway, I'm all there. And so are my kiddos. A-girl is leading the pack with grandpa and O is bringing in the caboose. She is my explorer, stopping for clovers and acorns and caterpillars. My dad's all there too, taking it in. I obviously get my love of green things from him. My mom is sort of there. She's trying to be, but it's really not her thing. She's there for the kiddos.

I think our goal in this hike, or where we thought the loop was taking us, was to get to the top of the mountain. Above the trees, we could seen bright sun. I'm pretty sure that's how we got where we did, but somehow we ended up off the main trail. We were still on a trail, but looking back, I think it was decided that it was a deer trail. But what took us off the main trail was the fact that the top didn't seem very far. So we did it. We clawed through briers and tripped over branches, but somehow made it to the top (mom bringing up the rear with curse words and threats). The top was like a clearing. There was even a dirt road. I asked my dad if this was where the UFO's landed. He said it was likely.

I don't know why we just didn't turn around and go back from whence we came. The suggestion was made several times. Several. But we just kept going. Following that deer path. My dad reassured us that it would loop back down to the main path. I totally trusted my dad. He's good at this. And I didn't want to go home yet. The girls were doing awesome. I have decided that my girls are for sure outdoor kids. They are at their best. It's an adventure. No complaining. No asking for water/snacks/bathroom/hoodie/a break...nothing. They were all in. Besides, the path was close. "Just over here."

I can tell you need a break. I have to pay a bill or take my kids to school or something. I'll be back. Please stay tuned.


Rena said...

LOL Sunshine! Been there, done that! Now my dorky husband wants to hike with his GPS. He stops to fiddle with it and we just keep walking. We have no patience ...

Hillary said...

Is it just me or is someone going to be saying "uh-oh" soon?

Dee from Downunder said...

Oh... I can't wait for the next installment..... it's gotta be a good story coming here...

Liesl said...

Right now I feel like I'm watching a horror movie and someone says "what's that noise?" and goes check it out and I just say Noooooooooooooooooooo don't do it! LOL