Friday, June 20, 2008

We Rock, We Rock, We Rock (My Hubby Rocks)

My hubby is probably going to be so very, very miffed at me for doing this, but the boy just gives me suuuuch good material!

So he's been out of town this week and basically when we talk at night and catch up on our day, his day's description basically sounds like vacation to me. I mean, I know the guy's working hard out there, but you know, I'm home with our two "enthusiastic" girlies, basically more referee than mom these days and well...that's just all I need to say, cuz I know you feel me. All I hear when he's talking to me is...went out to eat...hotel bed is out...sleep...blah, blah, blah, blah...(vacation).

Then I get home last night and check the e-mail. There's an e-mail from hubby. This is a big chunk of why I love this guy...why I married him and had two wild and crazy girlies with him. This is why. (Now you'll have to read my previous post, Friday Night Special (Aaaaand The Jonas Brothers), to understand completely...)...This is what his e-mail said:

I watched Camp Rock.
I could have watched Jean Claude Van Damme. I could have watched....ANYTHING.
I watched Camp Rock.
- Love ya... me.

My hubby is awesome. And he misses his girls.


Candid Carrie said...

Oh Sunshine, that has got to be one of the hottest, sexiest e-mails ever to be written by a dad. We all endured Camp Rock last night. Mom, Dad, even the nineteen year old college kid sat and watched it. We had popcorn and lemonade. New episodes of the Jonas Brothers are listed on our kitchen calendar.

Sunshine said...

Carrie--I completely agree. Everyone and I do mean *everyone* I talked to today watched Camp Rock last night. Ha ha...

My hubby rocks! He do, he do...;D

Mrs. R said...

That is so cute. He is a keeper. We watched it Saturday night on ABC...geez.

Rhea said...

That is SO sweet!! What a great dad! I'm impressed. He does ROCK!

Tam said...

How sweet!